Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Monday July 5, 2011

John King in the AC360 anchor chair, subbing for Anderson Cooper. Tonight's program was totally devoted to the Casey Anthony verdict.

Inside the Courtroom: Martin Savidge reporting

From Start to Surprising Finish: Tom Foreman reporting

Trial Verdict: Panelists Mark Geragos, Paul Henderson and Andrea Lyon

The Closer: John King reporting
Follow Up Panel: Sunny Hostin and Lawrence Kobilinsky

Guilt of Lying: Previously aired segments by Randi Kaye, Dr. Drew & Nancy Grace
Follow Up Panel: Mark Geragos, Paul Henderson and Andrea Lyon

Defense Team Victory Party: Jean Casarez reporting

Who is Caylee Anthony's father? Randi Kaye reporting

360 News & Business Bulletin: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't watch last nite. Wasn't in the mood to hear about how Casey Anthony got off I think she got off easy.

ACAnderFan said...

Opps...hit submit before I was finished. I hope that after thursday when she's sentenced 360 will move on and find something else to talk about.

judy said...

I found 360 with John King, very interesting and took a special interest in the verdict.
At first, like everyone, I thought Ms. Anthony literally got away with murder. But upon hearing views from those better qualified to access the not guilty verdict, the jury did the only thing possible with what little evidence they had, from a team of prosecutors who didn't fully evaluate the case properly.
As with OJ, if there's "reasonable doubt," and there certainly was here, you must acquit.
Casey Anthony, from what we now know, was guilty of very poor behavior, which included lying. That's the ONLY thing the prosecutors proved. That doesn't mean she murdered her child.
(Hard as it is for some of us to believe.)
I was upset in the OJ case, where there was substancially more evidence. But not here.
She too, will be treated like a pariah, like OJ, because we tried her and labeled her guilty before the verdict. And that, rest assured, will be her ultimate punishment.
Hope John subs tomorrow as well.

Anonymous said...

360 was on but I didn't pay close attention. Jon King seemed to be going over the same material I saw earlier on the Situation Room.

I don't like the Casey Anthony verdict but I can understand it. The prosecuting attorneys just didn't have enough concrete evidence.

When I had jury duty, the defense attorney called all the evidence circumstantial, it was very much a "3 police officers said" vs. "defendant & 2 friends said" kind of case. When we jurors deliberated, we decided the most compelling evidence and the most trustworthy person in the case was the police dog. Lots of other details in the case but for most of us it came down to believing the police dog instead of the 3 humans on the defense side.

Hopefully, the Casey Anthony story will be on the back burner for Wednesday's show and completely off the air by Friday.

Is Anderson out all week?


Phebe said...

@Jaanza, AC is anchoring the space shuttle launch on Friday morning so we do expect him back this week.