Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Anderson Talk Show News

From the "Anderson Backstage Blog on Tumblr"

Anderson listens to the show’s theme music (please click to enlarge) ~

And another new commercial for 'Anderson' ~

"Every day I try to learn something new. I don’t have all the answers but I do have the questions.” ~ Anderson Cooper

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Anonymous said...

Anderson's off on vacation again? Perhaps he wanted some more time off before he moved to the 8:00 timeslot?

Anonymous said...

I call it being more interested in his new show than his old.

Anonymous said...

AC better get used to his juggling schedule.
Not as easy as he thought!
He should have realized, Oprah did ONE show, and she did it right, not

Bitter posters said...

Good grief.... these anonymous posters are so bitter about Anderson's new show! He took off last week as VACATION (nothing to do with his new show!) and took last night off due to committments for his night off! Give me a break! I am looking forward to his new show and can't wait to see it! I think he will be able to do both shows as the daytime show will be pretaped which will still allow him to travel as he feels necessary. Maybe he doesn't want to travel as much as he has for the last 20 years! Maybe he wants to stay home for awhile and anchor from New York! Maybe he's burnt out from all the devesation and destruction he has be running to for 2 decades!

Dorothy said...

@Bitter posters - I am so with you on your post. I get so tired of coming on here and hearing the gloom and doom about Anderson. I think is doing exactly what he enjoys doing and he is probably happy to be able to do it. I think his talk show is going to be great and show a new and fun side of him. As far as I can tell he has managed to keep everything balanced. No matter what this guy does there is someone here complaining or glooming and dooming it! Hard to believe it is an Anderson site.

I say go for it Anderson! I'm with ya along with lots of other people out there. Not many can boast about being in the same job arena for 20 years. Must be doing something right.

End of rant.........

Anonymous said...

To Those Who Say Three's Not A Crowd: You all have the option of NOT READING negative posts and you can show your support by DVRing everything AC does.
Some of us feel that what he does best is report in the field and somewhere all of that has been lost by his reinventing himself.
We are entitled to our opinions, and by the way, Bitter posters said isn't a name.

Wonz said...

I must say that I find the negative comments a little dis-heartening. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion; unfortunately the negative voices seem to be the ones that are posting and when someone comes along with a positive comment, they get shot down and all by "Anonymous"

To be truthful, the Anon comments are pretty much disregarded by me. If you can't own up to your comment by signing it, then the validity of your opinion is gone in my book.

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I love Anderson in the field and I have no reason to believe he won't be when the situation warrants. Field reporting depends on the news cycle; CNN's willing to send him and most of all viewer response to those programs.

Some say Anderson's commitment to Haiti is gone, but I don't see it that way. I saw the ratings when he went back for the six month anniversary. Let's face it, ratings drive what stories are covered and corporate watches rating when determining where to put their resources. The viewing public is fickle, they want coverage of a breaking news story for a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks, and then they are ready to move on.

I, too, am looking forward to Anderson's new talk show. I've seen him guest co-host R&K in the morning and anchor AC360 at night; and enjoyed both. Neither program suffered, in my opinion. Mr. Cooper has many talents to share.

It remains to be seen if the talk show will be a success, but he hasn't even taped the first program, so how people can say it will fail is beyond me. I'm going to watch and will form my opinion of the talk show a month or so into it. After the show has found it's stride...

As for AC360, I have no reason to believe it will change, other than to the 8pm time slot!

If he has to take a vacation day from AC360 on occasion for talk show promotion/meetings, so be it. As long as CNN puts a guest anchor in the chair, how Anderson uses his vacation time is his decision, not his viewers.

At one point in my life I worked full time (at a 40+ hour a week job), took 6 hours of graduate studies per semester, took care of my elderly mother and managed to squeeze in a social life, vacations and travel for work. Was it always easy, no; but in no way did I fail. My employer was happy and my work was done well and in a timely fashion; my Graduate coursework was straight A's; and my mother was happy and well taken care of. Time management is important; and I've found that busier people tend to accomplish more; I know it was true in my case. And yes, social activities, travel for work, and vacation time is what gave me the mental and physical break I sometimes needed to be able to balance everything else.

I'm not one to jump to conclusions about what another person is capable of doing. It has been said "If you want something done, give it to a busy person!"

To those who leave nothing but negative comments, I guess I have to wonder, why you continue to follow Mr. Cooper.