Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Photos of Anderson at the TCA Meeting in LA & A New "Ask Anderson" Video

From the Anderson Backstage Blog Tumblr page ~

Anderson mics-up to present his new daytime show to the Television Critics Association

Anderson, Hilary Estey McLoughlin (President, Telepictures Productions), Lisa Morin (Executive Producer, “Anderson”), Jim Murphy (Executive Producer, “Anderson”) — at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

Jim Murphy (Executive Producer, “Anderson”, Lisa Morin (Executive Producer, “Anderson”), Anderson, Hilary Estey McLoughlin (President, Telepictures Productions) — at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

Anderson (remember to click to enlarge)

Anderson at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

From the Anderson Cooper's new talk show 'Anderson' will cover wide array of topics, from celebrity to news

BEVERLY HILLS - When Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show debuts on Sept. 12, he says we can expect a lot of New York. But we should not expect much Sept. 11.

"We will have focused a lot on Sept. 11 in the previous week" on his nightly "Anderson 360" CNN show, Cooper told television reporters here. "My gut feeling is that Sept. 12 is not Sept. 11. It's the beginning of a new week."

Cooper and his producers are careful to stress that they aren't disregarding the continuing impact of 9/11, particularly in New York. But they say they'd rather start by giving viewers a sense of what "Anderson" will be as it goes forward - not a story they suspect will have hit its emotional peak the day before.
(please click on here to read the complete article about how NYC will be an integral part of 'Anderson')

And Today's "Ask Anderson" ~

“What sort of freedom will your new show give you that you don’t have on AC360? And what can the average young male gain by watching it?”

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Lost American said...

Superficial, about him and celebs. I know it's his show, but it's NOT about him. Donahue was able to blend pop culture and the issues of the day AND it was a success, even Oprah did it. But I doubt AC will be able to do it, she's not made for daytime unless he acts silly. JMO so respect it.

Anonymous said...

USA Today had a promo paragraph in the Life section today.
They said that daytime may prove difficult for AC because he is so reticent about talking about his private life.
Maybe he'll learn to be less reticent...we'll have to wait and see.
They also said if his numbers were not as good as Oprah's and he falls behind her, his show would be pulled in some markets.
Just the messenger here.

aries moon said...

Anderson's actually well-suited for this type of show. He's always been well rounded, versatile and has always been interested in pop culture along with handling the serious news issues of the day. I don't know whether the show will succeed or not, but I'm looking forward to its debut and I wish him well.

BTW, AC hinted in one of the articles that ATA linked to that he's not necessarily adverse to opening up a little more about his personal life, he said he'll just go with the flow and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I hope his show is a success but how can he really relate to normal people and their stories and hardships when he's had such a privileged life? How can he expect others to open up on his show about their lives when he is so private about his own? My guess is that if the show is a success, he'll become another big celebrity and you won't be able to get near him if you wanted to. I just think that would be really sad and I hope he doesn't let that happen.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to tell Anderson that if we want to see celebrities we can watch E or Access Hollywood.
If we want "to get more out of life," we can go to a prayer meeting or read a how to book. We don't need to watch his daytime show.
We originally liked him because he was real and honest and humble.
He seemed like the real deal because he didn't come "prepackaged in celebrity."
Whatever happened to that person?
One things for sure. We wouldn't find the "original Anderson," the one we met in NOLA, during Katrina, on "this new guy's talkshow."