Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair and here's the rundown on Tuesday's AC360 ~

KTH - The Bachman's Controversial Clinic: Anderson Cooper with report by and follow up discussion with Jim Acosta

Reparative Therapy = Pseudo-Science?: Anderson's interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky

Latest on Debt Ceiling Crisis: Anderson Cooper report
Follow-up discussion with Gloria Borger & David Gergen

Syria - Mob attacks U.S. & French Embassies: Anderson Cooper report
Follow-up discussion with Jill Daugherty

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

Latest on the Casey Anthony Trial Saga - Anderson & Gary Tuchman discuss
Gary Tuchman's exclusive interview with Juror #3

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

Blogger's Commentary: This blogger really enjoyed tonight's 360. There was a good, balanced mix of topics, with the right story in the lead. Our potential presidential candidates need to be investigated and exposed when "stretching the truth." I was glad to see an intelligent discussion on the current negotiations going on regarding the debt ceiling & budget deal and also to hear the latest news out of Syria. I've missed the international news segments on 360; one of Anderson's strong points in my opinion. Although I'm more than over the Casey Anthony trial; I did enjoy Gary's interview with juror #3. It's nice to hear the police investigators and jurors speak out, instead of talking heads giving us their opinion. And I can't tell you how much I laughed at tonight's RidicuList. Oh, Mr. Cooper, more dramatic readings, please! ~ Wonz

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

So the Bachmann family clinic seems to think you can give therapy to a gay person to make them not gay...sure. Its like they think there is something wrong with being gay. What's wrong is to try and change someone's sexual orientation. Good discussion with Dr.Drew.

judy said...

It is no surprise to me that Michele Bachmann's family planning includes an anti-gay agenda.
Did AC think otherwise?
So she doesn't get the gay vote.
She doesn't expect to. Move on.
I'm glad that the debt ceiling was discussed but I was unhappy to hear the POTUS say that it may involve entitlements such as Social Security. They are NOT entitlements. That's OUR money and no one is entitled to it except those who worked and paid into it and for anyone to suggest otherwise is going to COST THEM OUR VOTE. Even if it means NOT voting for either candidate!
And since President Obama is front and center...he will be blamed.
So think again and put something else on the table and go back to the drawing board.
I too liked AC's dramatic reading, however, I did not care for his subject matter.
How many times do we have to hear about Snooki???
For someone who doesn't like or respect her, AC certainly gives this shore personality a whole lot of free publicity. Is she worth it?

Anonymous said...

Of course Marcus Bachmann is a flake just like his wife. The Iowa video of Michele Bachmann avoiding answering the questions was not surprising but I hadn't seen it before and appreciated seeing it on 360. She won't get the Republican nomination for President, she has nobody but the most die-hard Teapartiers behind her.

Kudos to Mitt Romney for refusing to sign that ridiculous marriage pledge thing.

Gary Tuchman did a great job interviewing the Casey Anthony juror; it answered a few questions I'd been wondering about.

The white poodle-type dog in the second Shot was the spitting image of Houston, my family's dog many years ago, smart loyal Xmas-tree-destroying Houston. The cat and dog in the first Shot were adorable too.

The Ridiculist was fun but couldn't they find a better picture of Anderson?


Anonymous said...

Ugh...the Bachmann's....

Gay conversion isn't necessary.

Being gay isn't a choice just as being heterosexual isn't a choice. Sure you can deny your homosexuality and live your life acting like a heterosexual...but you're still gay. That's why gay conversion doesn't work. The feelings are still there. These clinics teach people to repress their natural feelings. I couldn't imagine getting help to repress my heterosexual feelings. Conversion therapy is outrageous. And these so called therapist are quacks.

Besides, if I go to an orthodontist because I have extremely crooked teeth and the doctor has awful teeth, I may have to think twice about what he/she can do for me. Marcus Bachmann's bad teeth are showing.