Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Debt Crisis: Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borger & Jessica Yellin reporting
Follow up discussion: James Carville and Carly Fiorina

Terror Training Fraud Part 2: Drew Griffin reporting

Casey Anthony Prison Release: Gary Tuchman reporting
Follow up discussion: Sunny Hostin and Dr. Drew Pinsky

Brooklyn Boy's Murder: Anderson Cooper interviews Dov Hikind
Follow up discussion: Dr. Drew Pinsky and Sunny Hostin

360 News & Business Bulletin: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The story about the Brooklyn boy walking home from day camp who was abducted and murdered is so sad. Its one of the saddest stories I think I've ever seen on 360. His abductor deserves the death penalty. The world doesn't need a horrible person like that. My heart goes out to the boy's family.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing those poll numbers at the start of 360 concerning Americans wanting to tax the wealthy and corporations more. If only Republicans paid better attention and did the right thing.

The bad terror-training guy segment was boring. The one about Casey Anthony was more interesting but didn't really have a lot of *new* news. The story about the young Jewish boy was heartbreaking; very first time he gets to walk home by himself and he asks the wrong person for directions. Lock the guy up witn Loughner.

Anderson's Ridiculist was funny; I didn't know it was called the Andrea Zuckerman. Dylan looked way older.

Did Isha mention the Murdoch scandal in the first Bulletin? 360 has scarcely noticed this story while nearly every other news program (not on FOX) is spending a lot of time on all details of Murdoch & company phone-hacking bribing privacy-ignoring slimeballs.

When I'm feeling especially cynical I think Anderson's not covering Murdoch-gate because his daytime talk show will be broadcast on numerous FOX affiliates and he doesn't want to ruffle any of their feathers.


judy said...

While Jaanza's makes a good point about ruffling feathers with Fox affiliates, in daytime, I think the lack of mention in the Murdoch scandal goes deeper for CNN management.
Their own Piers Morgan is now part of that scandal and according to TVN he knew about all of these less than ethical tactics and perhaps even participated.
So to avoid further embarressment for CNN, I believe everyone was told NOT to "dig deeper." This defeats the purpose of a newscast. This is after all, NEWS.
I didn't listen to the report on the Orthodox child on 360, but on WOR radio it stated that it happened in Sullivan County, NY. and he was from Brooklyn but the incident took place in upstate NY.
I too, used to camp there as a child, and there are still many Orthodox communities in the Catskills.
Poor little boy.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, the Murdoch scandal has been mentioned over 100times by CNN, a good portion of it done by Kyra Philips and Brian Todd. Good for them.
So maybe NOT everyone "got the memo."

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson is not mentioning the hacking scandal because most people are more interested in the debt ceiling. I am glad he is not covering it. I don't think he was told not to cover it, he only has an hour.

Anonymous said...

@Judy - Wolf Blitzer had a nice big segment on Murdoch-gate at the start of the 6 pm hour on Thursday, so I can't believe there is a CNN-wide rule about not covering the scandal.

@Anon 1:58 - I also can't believe more people are more interested in economic news rather than a nice juicy scandal. While it's true people should be concerned about the debt ceiling, any kind of scandalous news, anyone behaving badly story is going to get more attention. That's why there have been a gazillion reports on Casey Anthony.