Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Time Change for AC360

Beginning Aug. 8, CNN will broadcast its flagship nightly news program AC360, anchored by Anderson Cooper, live at 8pm and re-air it in its current timeslot of 10pm.

CNN Fall Schedule (All times Eastern):

6a-9am: American Morning
9a-4pm: CNN Newsroom
4pm: Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
6pm: John King, USA
7pm: Erin Burnett
8pm: Anderson Cooper 360°
9pm: Piers Morgan Tonight
10pm: AC 360 re-air
11pm: Erin Burnett re-air
12am: Piers Morgan Tonight re-air

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Anonymous said...

Praise be there is other life than Anderson Cooper at 10 PM and I can now watch it, but AC is now opposite Hannity, can you say Bye Bye AC. They probably did this because CNN knows he will be leaving soon and figured opposite Hannity would be a good excuse to cancel him.

Tedi B said...

Wow, I wonder how that will work out. Im glad to see him move to 8 but bummed cnn is going with reruns at 10

Anonymous said...

If CNN doesn't watch AC 360 will be against himself come September 12th. Anderson airs here in San Diego at 4pm. Ac 360 will be right after at 5pm pacific time.I don't like this move for Anderson puts him to close to his daytime show.

Anonymous said...

I hate to think the worst, but this time change for AC360 is not going to work out--he will get creamed by Fox. If his daytime show doesn't get good ratings, he faces getting cancelled by both CNN and losing the daytime show. I hope it doesn't happen, but I fear that doing three shows (including 60 Minutes) means that nothing will be done well.

Anonymous said...

2:10 if that was the case why is Anderson still in alot of specials? Like the space shulttle Friday. CNN is just stupid

ACAnderFan said...

My take on this is I think 360 being on at 8pm is the beginning of the end for Anderson at CNN. I don't see him being around much longer. A year or so at the most.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but it looks like the beginning of the end for Anderson and 360. In my opinion this is CNN's idea to move AC slowly out the door. There is no way he can even compete with O'Reilly at 8 when he couldn't touch Greta at 10. O'Reilly is the biggest watched news show on cable, on ALL channels!

Like I said, I think AC is on his way out and this is how they plan on doing it easily. They can later say the taped 360 at 10 isn't working and bring on someone new and live at 10. That would make AC no longer the top person on CNN because the 10 slot is the top spot in news for cable. That is the spot everyone wants to be in.

I have always thought he'd leave once his new talk show got up and running. This makes me for sure of that now.

Anonymous said...

Did Eliot Spitzer quit or was fired? I saw his show several times and thought he did a pretty good job.

It is nice to have a choice of when to watch Anderson that deosn't conflict with the Stewart/Colbert hour but sometimes it was essential for 360 to have that two-hour block of continuous time to really get into big news stories.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7/6/11 2:10 PM.. I agree with you. I don't see how you can tape two talk shows a day plus 360 and expect them all to be excellent. Something will suffer and I think it will be 360 unfortunately.

I hope for Anderson's sake he has something to fall back on. People are predicting Katie's show next year to be the one to take Oprah's spot, viewership wise, so where does that leave AC?

@ Tedi B.. I don't understand doing a repeat at 10 either. No way will that pull in viewers. I predict it won't last long and they will add a new live show at 10 but not with AC anchoring. That means he is dropped as the face of CNN and can leave.

Anonymous said...

Interesting move -- putting AC360 at 8pm and running the replay at 10pm. What's CNN thinking with airing a replay in prime time? Oh, wait, this is CNN we are talking about....

I guess this means no chance of AC360 expanding to a second live hour when the news of the day dictates? And when POTUS or Debates air at 8pm - who's going to do the analysis - Piers? Or will they actually make the 10pm hour live those nights? But who will anchor?

So CNN cancels a smart news program, but keeps tabloid news failure Piers, and goes to tape for the last hour of Prime Time.

I understand Mr. Cooper has a talk show starting, but those contracts are for one year only and with Katie Couric and Jeff Probst enetering the daytime talker market in Fall 2012, there's no gurantee that 'Anderson' will get picked up for a second year.

Let's hope Anderson and CNN have a long range plan, but this move just doesn't make sense to me.

Ted Turner's head probably just burst!

Tedi B said...

I don't see CNN moving ANderson to 8pm because they are expecting him to fail or expecting him to quit or be fired? 8pm is the Primetime spot at any network. I think him moving to 8pm is a sign they want him in most highly visiable spot on CNN.

His daytime show has a FAR more chance of not working then his CNN show. I don't see him leaving CNN in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to keep in mind that when AC360ยบ began years ago, it was aired at 7PM, so this shouldn't be too unfamiliar to Anderson. It would be awesome if he beat Bill O'Riley. Also, Don Lemon should take over 10PM! He does great at 10PM on weekends, and I'm sure he can do even better on weekdays.

Anonymous said...

@ Tedi B..Actually 10 is the spot everyone wants to be at not 8. Just ask anyone in the news bizz and they'll tell you they all are striving to get that 10 spot. Anderson has already been at the lower times so he's going backwards.

The only reason 8 is considered any thing now is because O'Reilly made it work for him. AC doesn't have the fans behind him to pull off an O'Reilly.

Tedi B said...

Also worth noting is the that several news sites such as on Yahoo's home page have headlines about the changes. They are saying Spitzer is fired while Cooper gets a promotion.

That's the way I see it too, honestly.

Tedi B said...

@Anon 4:22

I see what you are saying but if CNN believed that the 10 spot was the best spot then why run a rerun? Also, that rerun is of AC360 so I still believe they are holding him in the best regards with the time switch.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an Aaron Brown thing, change one small thing and the next day the kid takes over and you are out the door. Saying the rerun of 360 at 10:00 means they still like Anderson is not correct, if people do watch AC at 8 why would they watch at 10 and if you don't want to watch at 8 why would you watch at 10. No I see AC on his way out from CNN.

Anonymous said...

This was in a Yahoo article on the big move. According to this Anderson will redo 360 if there is breaking news, sometimes even redoing the whole show. So that means he will be doing 2 360's some nights.

"CNN will rerun Cooper's show at 10 p.m. on the East Coast for viewers used to it at that hour, Jautz said. He said it wasn't a sign of retrenchment for CNN to have a regular rerun in prime-time, and that Cooper will remake part or all of his show at 10 p.m. should breaking news warrant. Cooper's show will switch into that time slot on Aug. 8."

judy said...

Oh the chatter!
Seriously I think this was a smart move for CNN folks.
It was their only choice. I thought about AC in the 8PM slot many times but knew it would be an unpopular move.
AC now has the most watched show on CNN, so he's really the only one to go up against BO.
He wouldn't touch him, but the thinking is solid.
And just think, those at ATC, Eliot is gone!

Anonymous said...

I too am afraid this is the end for Anderson on CNN. He won't be able to go against the other shows. I think he agreed to this so that it will be a way for him to make an exit from CNN. This is really sad news to me.


Thank you,

Anonymous said...

AC should focus on being a news anchor.

sydney said...

At least I'll get to watch the show more often now. I've never understood why 10:00 was so desirable. I, along with most people I know, are going to bed around then during the week. Or if we're up, we're winding down and not into watching news!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but after reading all the comments, which have made good points, I hold to my opinion that Anderson could lose both 360 and the daytime show. 360 is not going to beat O'Reilly (or other popular shows on at the same time which will begin their new seasons in September). Daytime TV is not what it used to be and with the advent of Katie Couric and others in 2012, the cable TV schedulers will have more choices. Anderson won't have much time to establish himself. Third, as energetic as he is and as much as he confesses that he likes to keep busy, there is a limit to human energy. Doing 60 minutes segments, a daytime show, a CNN daily news show, and hopping on planes for disasters will take its toll on him and I think he will not succeed very well at all...particularly in the sleep department. Something is going to suffer

Anonymous said...

@6:35PM: I believe you hit the nail on the head.
The minute AC let it be known that he wasn't so sure he wanted to stay with "hard news" it gave managmenet the idea to move him.
He opened the door for this.
All these years they worked around him. Now he no longer has the choice.

Anonymous said...

"The minute AC let it be known that he wasn't so sure he wanted to stay with "hard news" it gave managmenet the idea to move him."

When did AC let this be known?

Anonymous said...

New time slot soon? New ATA website design soon?

Phebe said...

@anonymous 12:24, Only if you're paying for it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:46 as soon as Klein left AC was no longer protected and they didn't have to treat him as the golden boy any longer. Times changed AC wants to move into a new dimension so they are helping him along.