Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

John King was in for Anderson Cooper again tonight. Here's what was covered:

New legal action against Casey Anthony: Report by Martin Savidge

Rush to judgment? Strauss-Kahn accuser has credibility issues: Report by Tom Foreman

Case against Strauss-Kahn collapsing: Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Sunny Hostin

Wash. Post: Pres. Obama pressing for changes to Social Security. Medicare in debt ceiling fight: Interview with Senator Rand Paul

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

New legal action against Casey Anthony. Judge Perry will decide if she has to reimburse state and how much: Report by Martin Savidge
Follow up Panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Marcia Clark

Life after prison for Casey Anthony: Discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't watch 360 though I would have liked to see the discussion with Dr.Drew about life after prison for Casey Anthony. I think that would have been interesting.

Anonymous said...

John King did a good job but I've always hated it when 360 splits up news stories, like on Wednesday, three minutes of Casey Anthony "breaking news" then off to other stories. I know news shows do that to make sure you keep watching, but I just hate it.

Nonetheless, the segments about Anthony (finally in the second half of 360) were interesting, way more interesting than Rep. Rand Paul.

Isha mentioned Rupert Murdoch's newspaper's hacking scandal and I wish 360 had more about this, if for no reason than it being a good reason to talk to Richard Quest, as Candy Crowley did today during the Situation Room.

One more thought on Anderson moving to 8 PM and the other upcoming changes at CNN - they are cutting one hour of new shows in prime time. Broadcasting a rerun is far cheaper than producing a new program. How have CNN finances been lately?


judy said...

Glad to see John King speaking to none other than prosecutor Marcia Clark.
It was good to hear Jeff Toobin say that there was much more evidence to convict OJ with Marcia as lead prosecutor, than there was in this trial. Persoanlly, I have always felt Marcia Clark was an excellent defense attorney during the OJ trial.
Compared to this team of prosecutors, she was a "dream team."
Then we heard from Dr Drew.
I have to disagree with him.
Casey Anthony isn't that "mixed up." She got herself one great defense lawyer, so NO. She may be hated for a while, but something tells me, she's got more "upstairs" than she's being given credit for. (She fooled a jury) and there was no evidence linking her to the crime.
@Jaanza: According to CNN releases, they are doing spectacular....never better, financially. And you're right. It is cheaper to fill air time with repeats. MSNBC does it all the time.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Ben Finz and then AC360 tweeted that Anderson will be back tonight from his Cuba 60 Minutes trip. I'm sure he'll be dead tired! Then he has to hop a plane and go to Fla. for the shuttle launch tomorrow morning. Wonder if he'll just do 360 from Fla. tonight?

Anonymous said...

Anderson tweeted that he's back from Cuba. He said they have no Twitter so he couldn't tweet. But Donna Brazille was just there a few weeks ago and she tweeted. And Chavez was in Cuba getting cancer treatment and he tweeted also. So what's the deal?

andersoncoper Hello! I was on assignment for 60 Minutes in Cuba. No twitter there. Just got back in the US! Back on #ac360 10p tonight

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:09 - Go back and read his next tweets, he explained he "was in remote area hours by boat off southern coast of cuba."

Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge. It's best to have all the facts before you start making accusations.

There are remote areas in the US where you can't get a cell signal; so hours by boat off the Southern coast of Cuba surely wouldn't be any better.

I'm disappointed that people are so quick to criticize and so slow to praise. And you call yourself fans?

Anonymous said...

@4:58PM: anon 1:09 didn't even say anything except AC wasn't able to tweet.
Why are you so defensive???