Wednesday, August 17, 2011

360 on Wednesday 8/17

JOBS PLAN OUTLINE EMERGES WH Source: Proposal will be paid for with deficit reduction: Discussion with Jessica Yellin, David Gergen and Ari Fleischer

KEEPING THEM HONEST: The President vs. Perry: Report by Anderson Cooper

GOV. PERRY'S JOBS RECORD UNDER SCRUTINY: Discussion with Alex Castellanos and Donna Brazille

BATTLE FOR LIBYA: Discussion with Sara Sidner and Matthew Chance

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

CHILDREN BEATEN AT HOME Parents believe Bible sanctions physical discipline: Interview with Jocelyn Zichterman

MISSING AMERICAN IN ARUBA Possible new evidence uncovered: Discussion with Martin Savidge

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

The Ridiculist was funny tonight!

Anderson needs to quit smoking those funny cigarettes lol.
Don't take it the wrong way,
I'm just kidding! I seen a different side of him, he does know how to make you laugh.
Thanks! Anderson I needed that!

Anonymous said...

There must be something else other than Depardieu makes AC giggle so uncontrollable.

I wonder what it is? ;p

ACAnderFan said...

I liked Anderson's interview with Jocelyn Zichterman. I liked hearing what she had to say about these pastors who think beating the child is the right thing to do. These pastors are nuts, "spanking" a kid for hours is just wrong. These pastors have a weird interpretation of what spare the rod spoil the child means.

aries moon said...

You mean to tell me that 360 couldn't find a Democrat to sit in with Gergen, Ari Fleischer Jessica Yellin to talk about the President's jobs plan? Maybe there was a time when Gergen could be considered a neutral voice, but those days are gone. Apparently there's nothing President Obama can do that he won't criticize--he can't just accept that a plan has been in the works for several months, he has to characterize it as Obama playing politics and AC encourages him with his slanted line of questioning. What does Gergen expect him to do, NOTHING like the Republicans he constantly overlooks? I'm not blind to facts, the Presidents poll numbers are terrible and there are disappointed and frustrated people out there, but he is making an effort to turn things around and I'm willing to see what develops--the Republicans on the other hand, DO NOTHING, but that seems to escape AC, Gergen and Fleischers attention. The piece on Rick Perry was good, but I'm not sure it can make up for 360's terribly biased coverage of President Obama in recent days.

Anderson really lost it during the Ridiculist, but I was equally fascinated with how quickly and completely he turned off the hysterics in order to finish the piece. It was like a light switch.

Pixiedust said...

Don't know what happened to my post, it's out in limbo somewhere.

Had a couple of tech questions b4 I get to comments. I logged into ATA, as usual, but when I wanted to like/link it to FB, I only get the option of loging in via google, yahoo, etc...but not Blogger. Does that mean you have to login twice for access? If I like/link it to FB, is that a positive thing for the ATA blog?

Also noticed when I was swept to the new window to login using a different platform that it said I don't follow any blogs. Did I miss a sign up?

1. I apologize for being negative, but it seems that AC is just phoning-it-in ever since the whole ANDERSON thing started. I don't know who is doing the editing, but it sloppy & disjointed.

2. Is the 8pm show the same as 10pm?

3. Did he take all the vacation days he's accum over past decade...and was that to do 60 min, ANDERSON, CNN Report, or just vaca?

4. You know how AC says he never reads blogs about him, he feels uncomfortable. Well all the females that are stroking his ego (& wishing it could be more) are now on HIS site & he has no option but to read them. Do you think he has an aide blackline the gushing parts? They are so blatent, I'm embarassed for him. Or maybe he's needing the idol worship to support him while he's stepping out of his comfort zone.

5. With an hr program, mid~Aug, do we need to spend 50 min on the presidential race? PLLEEAASSSEEE, can we cut it down to 15 min ea side (not candidate, SIDE) UNTIL Thanksgiving. Then inc the time gradually. I don't need to hear 6 pundints pick apart, sentence-by-sentence, what ea candidate says. They're shaking up programming @ CNN, give someone a 2 hr non-prime time slot to cover the candidates...vwallah!

6. This is off-topic, but there are times I like Piers & his CNN prgm. I have to say that when he covers EVERYTHING AC says following hin, it seems a little crappy of him, like he's one-uping AC. But if you watch America's Got Talent, Piers is the biggest butthole, arrogant, hateful to the contestants AND his fellow judges. In fact, since he's turned into a Simon wannabe w/o the talent scout skills, I've stopped watching his CNN show.

judy said...

I do like Alex Castallanos and think he is very objective.
He never just goes along with conservative talking points and he is reasonable. I hope we see more of him and less of Dana whatsherface.
The POTUS still needs to sharpen his job's plan and a deficit reduction without telling us the how, isn't a jobs plan. It is too broad. The payroll tax was more in line with what people are looking for but Obama will probably not do this unless key conservatives agree with this agenda, and this is where he fails again and again.
There are some things HE CAN DO ON HIS OWN. But for some reason, he just doesn't want to take that responsibility.
I too liked the discussion with Jocelyn about discipline vs abuse.
I can't believe that "beating a child into submission," is their only interpretation of abuse.
Someone has to tell me what was so very funny about a B listed actor relieving himself on a plane.
Anderson didn't just giggle. He was hysterical with laughter. Well at least he finds his similes, puns, and metaphors funny because some his audience is still in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Unprofessioal, guess the "I want to be taken as a serious journalist" is gone.