Monday, August 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, August 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS FROM LIBYA: Anderson Cooper reporting on the quickly changing events for the Gadhafi family and the country that they've controlled for 40+ years.

In the first hour of AC360:

• Reports and telephone interviews with CNN's Matthew Chance and Sara Sidner, both in Libya
• Ret. Major General James 'Spider' Marks & Robert Baer (former CIA) spoke to the battle strategy
• Tripoli resident 'Noura' spoke by phone about her feelings and those of her family and neighbors
• Fouad Ajami (in the 360 studio), Princeton professor Anne-Marie Slaughter (by phone) and Robert Baer (via satellite) talked about what the future holds for Libya

In the second hour of AC360:

Anderson opened the second hour with the news of Saif Gadhafi spotted in Tripoli and all the latest updates on the revolution in Libya. He also filed a report titled 'The Opposition's Road to Tripoli'

• Skype interview with Matthew Chance from the Rixos Hotel (to watch follow the link to ATC)
• Fran Townsend, William Cohen (Frmr. Defense Secretary) & Ajami talk about what lays ahead for Libya, Syria and the US
• Arwa Damon (by phone) reports on her drive from Zintan to Tripoli International Airport with opposition fighters
• Replays of the Noura interview, the Marks/Baer discussion and the Fouad/Slaughter/Baer segment


AC360 Transcript

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judy said...

This was the kind of 360 that deserves mentioning...AC doing what he does best, serious journalism and for almost three hours.
Here's where I don't get why Piers Morgan is thrown into the mix, but whatever.
Enjoyed interviews with Arwa Damon, Fran Townsend, and Robert Baer who seemed to assure AC that the Gadhafi leadership was no longer, and that it was good that the rebellion was from the grass roots, rather than foreign military intervention.
The AP is reporting that since his son was found alive, he will fight to his death.
The AP is also reporting that Asian markets were a bit higher which should be reflected in our market later today.
All good news.

aries moon said...

360 really went all out with its Libya coverage--it was disappointing to hear that the rebels didn't have the amount of control that was initially reported, but it does sound like Gadhafi and his son's days are numbered. Sara Sidner did some good on the scene reporting as did Matthew Chance and Arwa Damon and AC's interview with 'Noura' was very moving. It was good to see a live 360 at 10 again too.