Monday, August 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, August 29, 2011

Follow up with Gary Tuchman, Chad Myers and local reporter Megan Cruz

THE LIBYAN REVOLUTION: Anderson Cooper reporting
Nic Robertson's reported on tracking down the Lockerbie Bomber, al-Megrahi
Follow up with Nic and Arwa Damon

WARREN JEFFS: Gary Tuchman reporting

UPDATE ON ARUBA: Martin Savidge reporting


AC360 Transcript

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ACAnderFan said...

360 monday was very good. Good mix of stories. The flooding is terrible. I think the media was too focused on NYC this weekend.

I'm not surprised Warren Jeffs is in a coma. I've always thought he looked weak and sickly.

judy said...

I think the media was too focused on all the states that Irene really wasn't going to hit hard.
New Jersey, luckily was one of them, although there was considerable damage, depending on where you were located.
But did Chad Meyers have to totally ignore upstate NY and New England?? He was consumed with locations that didn't even feel the brunt of the storm, like NYC!
Those poor people in Vermont, isn't Vermont part of the East Coast last time we checked and they were stranded with no evacuation plan! Whose fault was that?
Yes, the media did its best to over
react. We had a storm, a bad storm, but it wasn't the monster that it was made out to be, thank goodness.
And while its best to be safe than sorry, it's also best to get the details right, Chad Meyers and the NYT took those meterologists to task.
Poor Gary Tuchman. He always gets the assignment that nobody wants, wading in deep water, and speaking to supporters of Warren Jeffs.
All and all an interesting 360 that I viewed in both time slots.

Anonymous said...

Anderson did a good job Monday night. A good mix of stories but it seems like 360 is the only news show covering Warren Jeffs anymore.

I loved the Ridiculist. Conan O'Brien does have great hair but couldn't decide if Anderson's was better or not. It would be awesome if Anderson went on Conan's show and they talked about their hair.