Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anderson Cooper was in the NYC studio and the majority of tonight's program focused on Syria and Anderson's interview with Bashar Ja'afari, Syria's Representative to the UN ~

Asian Markets React to Wall Street Plunge: Anderson Cooper
Panel: Ali Velshi, Robert Reich & Stephen Moore

Update on Syria: Anderson Cooper
KTH: Deadly Crackdown Denial: Anderson's Interview with Assad's UN Representative, Bashar Ja'afari ~

Part 1

Part 2

Follow-up interview with Razan Zaitouneh & Arwa Damon ~

Vanished in Aruba: Anderson Cooper & Martin Savidge discuss new information released on what Giordano told police

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I couldn't get into 360 tonite. The past 3 nites were so good with those segments about parents who beat their kids in the name of discipline. Those are the stories I like to see on 360, the ones that you don't really see on other shows and I wish they'd do more of them. I thought we were supposed to get some pieces from Gary about the reaction of FLDS members to Warren Jeffs being sentenced to jail.

aries moon said...

Outstanding interview by Anderson with the Syrian Representative--AC was relentless--he kept hammering away at Ja'afari's obvious lies. 360 reporting on Syria has been excellent, thorough and persistent.

Ari Fleischer tweeted that he would be on the show but thankfully he wasn't. I was glad to see Robert Reich on 360 instead.

AC's giggly meltdown got the attention of TDS and especially TCR--loved Stephen's take on it all.

judy said...

The only part of the Syrian report worth noting tonite was Arwa Damon's portion.
I also thought the interview with the Syrian UN Representative was quite well done and AC looked as though he would hit him for lying so blatently about reporters being able to go about freely when he knows first hand that they can't.
But unfortunately AC seems to save all his emotion to act silly for the Ridiculist, now. Has he thrown serious journalism out the door?

I do agree with the last commenter on the post prior. It seems his need for "serious reporting" is gone and in its place we have "WHO?"
Jon Stewart is one of a kind and so is Bill Maher and their positions are taken AC.
I cannot speak for others, but I personally admired you/him because of his ability to emote during his serious journalism.
There was nothing funny about last nite except that we know AC likes bathroom humor and if others are offended by this "negativity," so be it.
The object of TV humor is to make OTHERS LAUGH. NOT YOURSELF. And if AC is just practicing for day time I'm certainly glad I never made it a habit 0f watching dayside televised "entertainment."
What a true waste of talent.

Anonymous said...

A pretty good 360 on Thursday night. Although too much time was spent on Syria, I liked how testy and determined Anderson was when talking to that ambassador.

Another great Ridiculist; Anderson's laugh is very infectious and you can't help giggling along with him.

To answer a post from a little while ago about tweeting Anderson and never getting a reply:

I follow Keith Olbermann also. Last fall he mentioned on Twitter that he gets around 1500 tweets a day. Anderson has more followers than Olbermann so you got to think Anderson gets at least 1500 tweets a day too.

Given Anderson's incredibly busy work load, I don't think he has time to read 1500+ tweets each day. The best you can do is keep track of what times a day he tweets and target your tweets to him for around the same time. He probably just skims through some of the most recent tweets and chooses the most intriguing ones to reply to.

For the record, Olbermann tweeted me twice (replies to my questions one about baseball, one about David Letterman). I was absolutely shocked each time.

So for Anderson - keep track, keep trying and be intriguing.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Thursday's AC360. Yes, it was heavy on Syria, but Anderson's interview with Ja'afari was extremely well done and emphasized the lies and deceit of the Assad regime. I thought the interview with Razan Zaitouneh & Arwa Damon was a nice balance to counter Ja'afari's claims.

Anderson seems passionate about exposing lies and that passion came through in this interview. In light of Hillary Clinton's statements about the US calling for Assad to step down yesterday, this interview was a good get, IMO.

To those saying that Anderson's giggle fit on the RidicuList makes him less a journalist, I beg to differ. Look at his body of work, not one 2 or 3 minute comedy segment. There are many sides to my personality and to think someone one-dimensional is rather delusional. I, among many people I know, have collapsed into fits of giggles from time to time. We never really know when something is going to strike us just right, to make us crack up. Given all the hard news/serious news/sad news stories that Anderson covers, it's nice to see his lighter side sometimes. Does that distract from his credibility as a journalist; in my opinion no, it makes him human.

@Judy after reading your negative comments about Anderson day in and day out, I have to question why you continue to watch his program.

Anonymous said...

@Judy, Your post is full of contradictions..."The only part of the Syrian report worth noting tonite was Arwa Damon's portion.
I also thought the interview with the Syrian UN Representative was quite well done and AC looked as though he would hit him for lying so blatently about reporters being able to go about freely when he knows first hand that they can't."...
You thought "the only part" of the report worth noting was Damon's portion, yet "also thought" the interview was good. And "AC looked as though he would hit him for lying so blatently" but then accuse him of saving all his emotion? I agree with the anon 1:54 poster, why bother watching him at all?

judy said...

When Jon Stewart, who is obviously holding back, and having his audience decide, and Stephen Colbert start to call you: Anderson "Pooper" their not laughing with you, they are laughing AT you and losing respect.
And to those questioning my watching 360, I'm beginning to feel exactly the same way, why bother.
But if I don't bother, no ANON ever seems to comment about anything newsworthy unless it
is mere fangirl worship.

Dorothy said...

@Judy....from one fan girl worshipper I don't understand why you don't just watch Jon Stewart and whoever else you like and end your CONSTANT misery of watching AC. Some love to watch his news side, some his giggly side, some his soon to be talk show side. I have to imagine that he made lots of people laugh - I know I did. It was rather refreshing after a long day. This world has way to much negative in it already and sometimes the light side is delightful! Day after day we have to hear about so and so being a better reporter or Anderson needs to do this or that. It really gets disheartening after awhile. We all have a right to our opinion, but it seems odd that you would come on a site dedicated to a person and not like anything about them. I don't get it and maybe I don't want to.

Anonymous said...

To Dorothy: "Day after day we have to hear," no you don't. You WANT to hear or you wouldn't read me.
Try not. It isn't hard.