Thursday, August 04, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair ~

Market Meltdown: Report by Anderson Cooper
Panel: Ali Velshi, Chrystia Freeland (Fmr. U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times)& David Walker (Fmr. Comptroller General of the U.S.)

The Political Angle - new poll numbers
Panel: Erick Erickson, Cornell Belcher, Gloria Borger

360 Bulletin: Tom Foreman

Warren Jeffs Conviction: Report by Gary Tuchman
Follow-up: Mike Watkiss, Gary & Anderson

Warren Jeffs, False Prophet: Report by Gary Tuchman on the FDLS
Follow-up discussion: Flora Jessop (Former FLDS member) & Emily Detoto (Jeffs' Attorney)

360 Bulletin: Tom Foreman

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ACAnderFan said...

Really liked Anderson discussion with Gary Tuchman and Michael Watkiss and then later his discussion with Flora Jessup and that former attorney of Warren Jeffs. That woman is nuts, no wonder she was his attorney. I hope Jeffs gets the maximum sentence.

judy said...

I finally have something in common with Anderson, other than I watch 360 and went to a book signing.
We both checked our balance sheets after the market meltdown and that's when absolute fear set in.
I couldn't believe it when I saw the 512 on the screen.
Now I'm no expert but I've been in the market a pretty long time and I've been through corrections before and personally this is a reaction to what OUR Congress did not do.
The market has always been sensitive and it expected Congress to come up with a real deal, a solution if you will, not what they played around with and then decided at the very last minute to come up with...a Committee?? And on top of that they went home while furloughing controllers because no agreement could be reached and throwing even more people out work!
Yes, this is a global meltdown and Asia tumbled even further according to the AP, but the world looks to us to be stable and sensible, and constructive.
This Congress, both parties, are destructive and this is what our market is reacting to along with the rest of the global mess, as well as the increasing lack of leadership in this White House.
So Ali Velshi, as Megan Kelly on Fox would yell, "You're wrong!"

aries moon said...

I liked seeing Chrystia Freeland on the financial discussion panel--I've seen her on Real Time with Bill Maher and a few shows on MSNBC--she's very sharp and bright. I hope she'll make another appearance.

The President's poll numbers are pretty bad, but AC failed to mention that in the same poll he cited, the Tea Party is at a 40 percent unfavorable and 20 percent favorable rating because of their debt ceiling antics--some news outlets like to push the idea that the entire country supports the Tea Party, but it's not quite true.

Emily Detoto has the job from hell trying to defend and explain Warren Jeffs sick mind.

What gives? said...

OT a bit - why isn't CNN/360 covering the famine in Africa? Wasn't this something that Anderson was passionate about at one time, so what happened, he got celebrified and doesn't care anymore. ABC is reaping great kudos for its coverage, CNN is so pathetic nowadays.

Anonymous said...

So AC is leavin for Africa this weekend - about time.