Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S INTERVIEW WITH WOLF BLITZER: Portions of the interview were reaired and discussed with Paul Begala, Ari Fleischer, David Gergen, John King, Jessica Yellin and Wolf Blitzer

REALITY ON THE GROUND IN SYRIA: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion via Skype with Wissam Tarif, human rights activist, Avaaz


THE RIDICULIST: Alabama Slammers


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ACAnderFan said...

I really enjoyed Gary's reporting on Ungodly punishment. 360 needs more reports like that. It was interesting and something you don't really hear about on other shows. This is what I like to see on 360.

The Pearls are nuts. Hitting a child with a switch or spoon or spatula is never OK. There is disciplining a child and then there is abuse and I think the Pearls idea of discipline is abuse.

judy said...

President Obama's interview with Wolf Blitzer should have focused ONLY ON THE CREATION OF JOBS.
It should have been a solid plan of how, as President, he would motivate the private sector, to create jobs for those who now are unemployed or underemployed.
Instead what we got were "talking points" which sounded like a campaign.
The question remains "What will the POTUS do to get the American economy moving again?" What will he do so that those who are now receiving unemployment benefits will be able to function in society and NOT be beholden to government for the rest of their adult lives?
The voting public is looking for answers, not further questions in his strategy. Rhetoric was great in his first campaign. Now we need something CONCRETE. Words will only go so far and no further.
Gary Tuchman's interview with the Pearls continued to be insiteful.
Children do need discipline, but when does physical discipline become abuse?
Perhaps CNN should delve into this subject for its next special.

aries moon said...

David Gergen is quick to criticize President Obama for nearly everything that's gone wrong with the economy and jobs but he refuses to recognize that the Republicans main focus has been to block whatever the President proposes--they won't compromise no matter how much it may hurt the country. Their main concern appears be to make sure President Obama doesn't get reelected. Where's their jobs bill? Did they ever create one? We'll soon find out what the President's jobs plan is like and if it's insufficient we'll all know, but at least he's got something going. No one knows how long the jobs bill has been in the works or what it took to put it together and it's a little unfair of Gergen to complain about it being released next month--as Jessica Yellin said, it's not ready yet and the Republicans would try to block it anyway. What have the conservatives done other than obstruct? I used to think Gergen was one of the best on CNN, but I've lost a lot of respect for him.

Phebe said...

@aries moon, I too was taken aback by Gergen's very negative comments toward President Obama last night. His bias was subtle at first but seems more and more blatant as time goes on.

CNN lists Gergen as a 'Senior Political Advisor' and I always thought that meant he was supposed to remain relatively neutral, as does Gloria Borger as the 'Senior Political Analyst'. That is clearly not the direction he has taken and I wish AC360 would either use him less or balance his opinion directly with a Dem pundit instead of pairing him with people delivering facts like John King and Jessica Yellin.

aries moon said...

balance his opinion directly with a Dem pundit instead of pairing him with people delivering facts like John King and Jessica Yellin.

@Phebe, exactly--I was very disappointed that Paul Begala didn't remain to counter some of Gergen's criticisms.

judy said...

In defense of David Gergen, and I don't always agree with him, President Obama has let this Congress become overpowering.
Never before in the history of our country has a President allowed a Congress so much latitude.
And in USA Today President Obama is STILL is looking to compromise on a jobs bill.
Jon Stewart has said repeatedly that what this president needs to do is be a little more like W. and a lot less like himself.
W. didn't care who liked him. He suited himself and Cheney. Maybe the POTUS needs to develop a thicker hide and start practicing that Texas "I don't care," swagger.
He's going to need it to run against Rick "Swagger" Perry anyway.