Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Panel: John King and Gloria Borger
Follow Up: Paul Begala and Ari Fleischer

SYRIA'S DEADLY CRACKDOWN: Anderson Cooper reporting
Phone discussion with Razan Zaitouneh, human rights activist

WARREN JEFFS TRIAL: Gary Tuchman reporting
Follow Up: Mike Watkiss and Floria Jessop



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ACAnderFan said...

360 tuesday nite was better as they had more variety. I liked the discussion about Warre Jeffs. I find all of that fascinating and am glad 360 is sticking with the story. The RidicuList was stupid, but I don't like Matt Damon so that's probably why I didn't like it.

judy said...

Glad to hear that the Super-Committee might yet have a chance to get things off the ground and wouldn't fold into complete nonsense. Also glad about the up and down vote which, I if I am interpreting correctly, means either yes or no on the various categories of spending vs. debt.
It's just like DC to vote on forming a committee of the whole in order to form another committee of the whole and therefore, Ari Fleischer, nothing is accomplished.
There was an interesting in an OP ED piece in our local paper that chastised Obama for not being as aggressive and obnoxious as our Governor Chris Christie.
I relunctantly have to agree with this. The POTUS is just too nice and yes, there is no "fire in his belly," at least not the same amount of fire as there is in Chris Christie's belly. But than the Governor's belly is quite a bit larger than the President's.
So Im not sure this analysis is that note worthy, but the essence remains.
Our President must become meaner or he will not be reelected, at least not in NJ.
As for the "kiss ass" comment that was made in the post prior in comments, while it may certainly be way too early to tell, from what we see, AC has surrounded himself with young people. And young people are not experienced.
They may well be creative, but there's always that sentimentality of being well liked by "the boss."

aries moon said...

By the time Anderson's new show is ready to air, many of the kinks may have been worked out and what they appear to be doing now may not necessarily end up as a part of the program. I'm not familiar with all of the producers on the show, but two of them have tons of experience (Oprah/GMA) and that should help in terms of the shows ultimate direction. I don't think we can really judge anything fairly at this early stage of development.

As far as 360 goes, I sure wish they'd end the practice of having their guests/pundits "square off". It's tiresome and not especially enlightening. They don't need debates, they just need smart people (like Fareed) talking.