Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anderson opened AC360 on Tuesday night by reading a statement from a a Libyan government spokesman about the unfolding drama in Tripoli. Also Cooper mentioned a statement released by Gadhafi and played on Libyan government radio. He then reviewed events in Tripoli today.

In the first hour of AC360:

• Several of Sara Sidner's reports from the streets and Gadhafi compound were aired and Anderson spoke live, via satellite, with her from Martyr Square
• Matthew Chance's reports from the Rixos Hotel were also reaired and then he discussed, by phone, the current siuation with the trapped journalists
• Arwa Damon reported live from the Tripoli Airport
• Fadel Al-Amenn (Daily Beast) talked about where Gadhafi might be
• Ret. Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt talked of the military action taken by the rebels and NATO's participation
• Fouad Ajami and Fran Townsend joined Anderson to talk about the transitional committee
• Chad Myers traced the area affected by today's earthquake
• Maram Wafa, a resident of Tripoli, talked by phone about the struggles of her neighbors and her family these past few months

In the second hour of AC360:

• Sara Sidner reporting live, by phone, of the celebratory gunfire by rebels
• Arwa Damon was back to report that there is still intense fighting near the airport
• Fadel Al-Amenn and Mark Kimmitt were back to further discuss the situation
• Charges were dismissed against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Jeffrey Toobin provided legal analysis
• Matthew Chance's report, Maram Wafa's phone call and Chad Myer's earthquake segment were repeated in the second hour


Blogger's Commentary:

Do you remember when rumors began flying last year that Anderson wanted to be a talk show host? Larry King was stepping down after a long career as CNN’s premier talk show host, so surely CNN would see the impeccable timing of these two events.

Who better than Cooper to take Larry’s place doing celeb interviews, talk reality television, social issues, etc. and switch over to hard news as needed? Sort of like Larry only better. But it wasn’t meant to be and to add insult to injury we got Piers Morgan….but that’s a discussion for another day.

So we fast forward to the announcement last September that AC was going to do a syndicated talk show with a subsidiary of Time Warner. When I heard it my first thought was how would he handle mega news days? I knew he would breeze through the mundane days but two big stories on the same day when you have two live audiences booked for talk show tapings was bound to happen. And it did.

I don’t think Anderson was wrong to want to branch out, nor am I saying AC360 suffered tonight, but I do think CNN was wrong for not realizing he wanted more. They had the perfect opportunity to satisfy his desire to host a talk show while keeping the newsman he is at heart available for breaking news on days like today. While AC was in front of his syndicated show’s studio audience today talking about families having dinner together his colleagues were being fired on in Tripoli. That just doesn’t seem right to me. ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I can't believe people in Montreal felt the earthquake. My good friend lives in Boston and her mom lives on Cape Cod and neither one of them felt it.

judy said...

Sara Sidner really impressed me with her ability to concentrate on what AC was asking her and hearing the firing from gunshots in the background in Tripoli.
She has a rare type of courage that permits her to do in the field reporting.
I noticed too, that she wore a helmet at one point and I imagine a security vest under her normal attire.
I have to say that I felt nothing living in the tri-state.
I knew nothing about the earthquake until I met my neighbor in the elevator. Guess we just lucked out.
I think I agree with you Phebe.
That would have been the logical thing to do...to give AC the LK hour, but maybe he was asked and he preferred daytime.
If AC had taken Larry's position, it would not have been syndicated.
I just feel that his journalistic talent is wasted speaking about mundane things, like family gatherings and the like.
That's best left for talkhosts like Wendy Williams and Rachel Ray who really don't have to make any type of transition. JMO

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anderson is just tired of being in dangerous places and seeing people die. He did do the mole. It is like he needs a break from hard news. I think he did a fine job tonight. CNN has been calling Blitzer in to cover breaking news,even before today.

aries moon said...

As I watched Sara Sidner's riveting reporting from Libya, I couldn't help but think that Anderson must've been itching to be there too at such a momentous time in Libya's history. I don't have a problem with him moving into daytime TV, but I don't think he'll be able to juggle it all as easily as he might want to--logistics and the unpredictability of world events may make things very difficult for him to achieve everything he wants.

The women of CNN were in fine form tonight with Sara and Arwa Damon's exceptional work in the field and Isha Sesay ably handling the international hour following 360.

Anonymous said...

The uprsing in Libya is incredibly important and dramatic and possibly regime-changing. However, I got bored by the only-Libya news after 20 or so minutes. Maybe I shouldn't watch Wolf Blitzer in the afternoons and hear a lot of the news there first.

I don't agree that Anderson would be in Tripoli if he didn't have the daytime talk show starting soon. Even if the State Department allowed him and a crew to get there, it's highly unlikely the Libyan govt will allow more journalists into the country.

It would have been odd to see Anderson as the Larry King host, to see him go immedately from host to news anchor. There's a YouTube video of Stephen Colbert on King's show in which there was a live promo for 360. Anderson and Colbert joked for a bit ("You look like you were just buffed and polished.") and then right away Anderson had to talk about murder victims. It's a jarring transition.

It remains to be seen how Anderson will juggle 360 and the talk show. But I can imagine there's going to be days when he has one or two daytime show tapings to do and there's big news happening in D.C. or London or right down his street in NYC but he can't get to because the daytime guests and audiences are already waiting.


Anonymous said...

Anderson can't travel to the Libya region now because he is taping for his daytime show. So the time he is spending there he has no time to devote on researching or interviewing for 360 no to mention not being able to travel. making more money while the other journalists are there in the middle of gunfire.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he wasn't in Tripoli, out in the streets surrounded by gunfire or trapped in a hotel being held by government forces. He's done enough of that already. I hope he's not bored, but I'm glad he's safe.

The reporters in Tripoli are younger & still making names for themselves. They're doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Phebe. I wish him well on the CNN and the daytime fronts, but time is time and when you run out of it, you can't rewind. When events happen that are newsworthy, they only happen once. I don't see him being able to handle both. At some point, either out of exhaustion or because he has run out of time, he will have to let something go. When that happens, my sympathy will be with the people who are working for whichever show is dumped. They won't have anything to fall back on like he will.

Anonymous said...

@10:15AM: You make a lot of sense and I agree with you.

Dorothy said...

I've got to think that his team and he himself gave thought to the fact that there would be times when breaking news was happening and he could not just get up and leave because of the talk show. I'm sure they looked at every angle of future situations and still decided to move forward. I'm glad he is moving forward and branching out. Life holds no guarantees and I think you need to do what you need to do at the time. The great thing is he has the opportunity to get to do that. Most people don't even get the chance to give things a try.