Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SOME STATES HIT HARD BY IRENE: Mary Snow reported from New Jersey, Anderson talked by phone to a resident of Pittsfield, NY and Ron Paul talked about the necessity of FEMA

Discussion with Fouad Ajami

MISSING WOMAN IN ARUBA: Martin Savidge reporting

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Gabrielle Giffords's assailant Jared Loughner's legal battle
Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos talk with AC

THE RIDICULIST: Naked Guy on the News


AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK. I liked that Anderson got feisty with Ron Paul. Its always nice to see his feisty side come out and I wish we could see it more often.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday's 360 had a good mix of stories. Too many people think Hurricane Irene wasn't much so it was great for Anderson to show there was quite a lot of destruction to deal with.

The interivew with Ron Paul baffled me because Paul was criticizing FEMA, and rightly so but then Anderson defended FEMA. Why? Especially about body recovery. Anderson saw first-hand how badly that was handled in NOLA and the Gulf Coast and complained passionately about it to Senator Landrireau.

And did Anderson say FEMA built the Galveston seawall? Come on, Anderson, you're smarter than that. Totally agree that some response on the federal level is needed after a disaster but as Paul said, FEMA is so inefficient.

The cute doggies in The Shot were adorable but I've seen both those clips before.

I enjoyed the Ridiculist. Why does the presence of a TV camera make some people do stupid things?


judy said...

Since Mary Snow reported from NJ, I guess there was a whole lot damage I wasn't aware of.
My friend in Tucson asked me about it the other day and I said there was very little damage, but then I didn't feel the earthquake either, so you can't tell by me.
I have to say I enjoy Ron Paul and I think HE is the feisty one, especially for his age.
I also happen to agree with him.
AC has forgotten that the FEMA trailers were tainted and many went unused and were a complete waste of government funds.
Not sure however, that I would abolish FEMA altogether. There is a need for every gov't agency IF it is run correctly.
@aires moon: I read the article in Entertainment Weekly about AC.
You can find it in Barnes and Noble and it is in the Sept.Ed.
There's just a rehash basically of what is known.
However, two items struck me as odd, as well as a point of interest.
Disney never showed any interest, according to AC, in hiring him for R&K and he didn't make the cover of Entertainment Weekly, even though Time Warner owns the magazine. Go figure.

aries moon said...

I don't care for Ron Paul--after checking his history, background and opinions expressed in the past, I find him less than trustworthy and his ideas too extreme. I'm not sure if abolishing FEMA is a good idea--the states may not be able to take on a huge disaster without some kind of federal support--it should just be made more efficient as has already been said here.
It would be great if 360 would book a few liberals/progressives on the show as often as they have on politicians like Ron and Rand Paul, just to be fair. I was hoping the earlier hour would help them book a more diverse group of guests, but it's same old, same old so far.

I'm not sure why 360 is covering the missing woman in Aruba--especially since Anderson once made an on-air decision not to cover Natalie Holloway's case--I'm sorry the woman is missing and hope she's found alive and well, but the story just doesn't interest me.

@Judy, thanks so much for providing the info on EW--very surprising news about AC and R&K--I figured he'd be a top pick for the show since he clicked so well with Kelly and he seemed to be really popular with their viewers whenever he'd sub.