Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anderson Cooper was live from Mogadishu and opened AC360 with ~

SUPER COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHOSEN: Anderson Cooper discusses with John King, Gloria Borger and David Gergen

SOMALIAN FOOD CRISIS: Anderson Cooper reporting on al-Shabab and how they caused this crisis

Follow up discussion: Nima Elbagir and Peter Bergen

DEATH BY STARVATION: Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting

Follow up discussion with David McKenzie and Dr. Gupta

RIOTING IN GREAT BRITAIN: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up interview with Stephen Douglas ITN reporter




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ACAnderFan said...

I liked the interview with Iman, that was the best part of the show. She needs to on more this week.

judy said...

So glad the market recovered from yesterday's meltdown, but there's always that fear that what happened yesterday will happen again sooner than we think.
It seems that the Federal Reserve and its Chairman have a calming effect on the market both globally and nationally. (At least someone does.)
Sanjay again was the better part of 360. I look forward to his reports if only because he has three small children and you can feel his compassion for those that are starving.
I could have done without Iman. She comes across as a person that has little warmth even though her agenda is one of significance and humanitarian.

aries moon said...

So sad to see the Somalis still suffering and the children starving and wasting away--it is heartbreaking that their future is grim even if al-Shabab and others causing harm could be stopped--the damage to the Somali chidren's brains has already been done. Great reporting by AC/Sanjay and I have to agree with Anderson about Nima Elbagir--she was impressive on Monday and even moreso on Tuesday's 360--I wish we could see more from these international reporters. The interview with Iman was also strong--it is clear how passionate she is about the terrible fate of her homeland--I hope someday the region will be stabilized and the people there get the help they need, but after 20 years with no change, it's not looking good. The clips of AC in Somalia early in his career have been good to see.

Didn't bother with the political discussion--I'm really tired of listening to the pundits.

Anonymous said...

will anderson be returning to New York tonight?