Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper opened tonight's AC360 from Mogadishu, Somalia ~ "I wish you could see what I saw today."

Asian markets react after another massive drop on Wall Street: Report by Anderson Cooper
Panel: Ali Velshi, David Gergen, Jessica Yellin

On The Brink Of Starvation, 600,000 children in jeopardy: Anderson Cooper reports

Follow-up with Sanjay Gupta, Nima Elbagir

UK Riots, British PM Cameron, "Fightback is under way": Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow-up discussion with Dan Rivers in Birmingham, England

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

Anderson Visits an IDP Camp in Somalia

Malnutrition & Disease Fatal Mix in Somalia, 30,000 children have died in past three months: Report by Sanjay Gupta
Follow-up with Anderson, Sanjay & David McKenzie

"This was preventable, this was predictable..."

The Big 360 Interview - Bono & Somali born K'naan posted a preview of Anderson's interview with Bono earlier in the day and it contained a blog post by Anderson. Click here, to read Anderson's powerful words.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The best part of the show was once again Sanjay's piece at the refugee camp. It seem like he really cares about the people he reports on.

I kind of get the feeling that wedesday was AC's last day in Africa.

judy said...

Maybe I spoke too soon yesterday, but the massive slide again in the DOW makes me think this could be the new reality. Great highs and desperate lows, the S&P trying to find a safe place to land, almost like a manic depressive personality.
And like the famine in Somalia, this too could have been avoided if we had leadership at the helm and a congress that was less concerned about political careers and more concerned about their constituencies.
For the first time, Ali Velshi actually said something rational. He too is looking towards Congress and our President for some guidance and an actual plan for job creation. That Super-Committee is a farce and the market is smarter than our government because IT KNOWS gov't failed to come up with a SOLUTION TO THE DEBT PROBLEM. Ali did use the word "solution" more than once.
There is a grave lack of CONVIDENCE IN THE POTUS'ability to come up with a solution and his general lack of knowledge when in comes to actually communicating and constructing economic policy.
Jessica Yelin didn't seem hopeful that President Obama would call back Congress from their recess.
Again, the question is WHY?
Possibly when HE finally realizes he will NOT be reelected for a second term because, former supporters like myself, will not vote for him.
Sanjay Gupta deserves an Emmy for his reporting in Somalia.
Yes, AC is there too, but let's give it up for "the Gupta for once," and recognize his continued medical brillance and his compassion for those in need.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that any Anderson fan would think he does not care about the people he reports on.You may not like his reporting , but damn that is harsh

aries moon said...

The horrific starvation problem in Somalia is so overwhelming that donating money even seems futile, but I plan on doing it anyhow--what's happening there is unconscionable and unacceptable. There's a lot of apathy in the world and people have their own problems and may be reluctant and too burned out to help, but it's hard to turn away from helpless people dying. I liked hearing Bono and K'naan's perspectives and they both made good points. Anderson hasn't done a blog post in ages and I would've missed it altogether, so thanks for posting it--I can fully understand why he'd cry--it all seems so hopeless. 360's done a fine job of bringing this terribly sad situation to the attention of their viewers.

Anonymous said...

@1:49: Doesn't Anderson have enough Emmys? Does he need more??
Or no one else is entitled to be recognized?
I agree. Sanjay deserves praise for once.

aries moon said...

I almost forgot one of the more touching moments on the show--AC mentioning that he and his team helped one Somali family bury their child because they were unable to do it themselves. Very moving.

Wonz said...

I for one, loved Anderson's reporting from Somalia. I enjoyed Sanjay's reports, too, but Anderson's reports and written words are so moving. His tweets this morning brought tears to my eyes. It was clear he was moved by what he was witnessing/the stories he was telling. This is Anderson Cooper at his finest.

I've been so disappointed that 360 had to cover the DOW/debt mess, while in Somalia. I feel other CNN programs covered it in great detail and we could have had one hour of international reporting for the three night's the AC360Team was in Africa.

I'm tired of pundits telling me what it all means. If they could predict the market, they wouldn't be a pundit, they'd be a broker, making money in this market. Quite frankly, I don't think the over-hype by the press does anything to calm fears and how the market this week will effect the presidential election is again, someone's best guess. There are several months before we enter the voting booth and a lot can change in that time. And for all the Tea Party and Repulican obstructionism, I haven't seen them come up with any concrete plans that are acceptable to the general public. While some may have a grave lack of confidence in POTUS, I don't share that opinion. It's easy to point fingers, it's a little harder to take concrete action. A budget plan must originate in the House, that's the law, so until the House gets it's act together with a workable plan, they are holding the rest of the country hostage. Based on the present presidential candidates, President Obama has my vote, hands down. My current Rep, that's a different story. I will fight to get that man out of office, along with one of my two senators.

I'm just sad that people can't look beyond the U.S. borders for one hour and see what is happening to our fellow citizens of the world. Thank you Anderson and thank you Team 360 for traveling to Africa to shed light on this very important story.

And kudos to Anderson, Neil and MaryAnn for traveling into a still unsafe Mogadishu. I can only imagine the thoughts going through Anderson's head as he thought back to when he was a young reporter in Badoa 19 years ago, one again reporting on the dangers and the famine in Somolia.

The physical rigors of traveling to a remote, drought stricken area & sleeping who knows where,if at all; the emotional toll of what you are witnessing; and still putting together and broadcasting am hour program I'm sure was no small feat. Kudos to Anderson for his compassionate reporting and kudos to the whole 360Team who made the last three night's programs possible.

Global Voices - Minorit├ęs said...

a@judy ... if you do not vote for Obama next time, guess who will win: the tea party, who probaby have more knowledge than the actual POTUS. I really think that America does not deserve this President.
Politic is not about communication. Remember the week that OBL was killed what he was dealing with all together while remaining calm: just imagine Bush or H. Clinton in the same situation.
About AC's reporting in Somalia: as an African I can tell you that he does a very good job and I watch all his reporting in Africa. It is true that for once I find that SG is good on the field specially with children as he said in an other CNN International these children remind him of his 3 kids. The other CNN guy who is good on Africa is J. McKenzie who has been reporting in Somalia since 2006.
AC is a high profile reporter and this is what Somalia needs right now.

From a Canadian said...

I'm Canadian, so my views on what's happening to in the US right now is just from my observations. It seems to me that the disgusting games the Republicans are playing are causing most of the damage that is happening. They are doing everything they can to shoot down everything that Obama tries to do, and have said since 2009 that their ONLY AGENDA is to make sure Obama is a one term president. They have no interest in making the US a better country, and actually seem willing and wanting to make it worse just to get rid of Obama. The Republicans disgust me! The rest of the world is laughing at them and their ridiculous policies! Here in Canada, we have universal health care, the rich pay higher taxes than the poor and gay people can marry each other! and guess what?? We are a happy country, full of polite people that have a habit of apoligizing too much! The world did not end because two guys who love each other got married, adopted a baby a baby and provided a loving home for the baby to grow up in!

Your country really needs to take a hard look at itself come next election! If Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin get anywhere near the White House, well then, you get what you deserve! You can prevent that by exercising your right (and duty) to vote!

Anonymous said...

@Judy...It seems to me that Obama did have a solution. He said multiple times that the solution needed to include an increase in revenue. It was the ignorant Republicans who insist that rich people shouldn't pay one extra dime and that money should be cut from malnoursihed premature babies and inner city children's programs. S&P said the lack on increase in revenue was one of the main reasons for the decrease in the credit rating! So if the republicans had comprised with the Obama, the credit rating wouldn't have be downgraded. Bohner said he got 98% of what he wanted. Then the credit rating went down..... whose really at fault here??? Please lay the blame where it belongs and think long and hard before you make your decision on voting!

Nebraska Fan said...

Thank you so much to the non-Americans that comment. I find your opinions and insights fascinating and valuable.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL: Glad I got people talking and I will think long and hard before I cast my vote.
@Wonz: I am quite certain Anderson and the crew sleep in a hotel, as well they should.
It would be quite foolish to think otherwise.

Wonz said...

@Judy -- I guess that means Danielle packed her bed roll for nothing? And exactly where are these hotels? Mogadishu is not a tourist spot. Anderson tweeted about not being able to shower....