Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MORE FLOODING ON THE EAST COAST: Susan Candiotti reporting from New Jersey and AC talked with Todd Trazaskos from Vermont.

Follow Up Discussion: Paul Begala and Alex Castellanos

OBAMA - BOEHNER SHOWDOWN: Paul Begala, Alex Castellanos and Jessica Yellin discuss

REVOLUTION IN LIBYA: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow Up: Nic Robertson

ARUBA UPDATE: Martin Savidge
Follow Up: Jean Casarez

THE RIDICULIST: Every News Station


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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK. While FEMA clealry has its problems I'm not sure doing away with it is necessarily the right thing to do.

I'm kind of over the missing woman in Aruba story. I think it belongs on HLN.

judy said...

I usually like Alex Castallanos and think he's objective, even though he's the conservative CNN pundit, but tonite he wasn't objective.
Paul Begala was on the right track when he implicated W. and the FEMA trailers.
When W. felt the need to enforce FEMA, which under his watch, was completely inept, no one questioned the funding or how little we had to spend on a Republican debacle.
I can't help but feel there are racial overtones here.
I am well acquainted with Paterson, NJ. The population is poor and black. Could this be one reason that now there are so many obstacles?
And our POTUS just happens to be a black man. Or is it ALL just a coincidence?
And President Obama should NOT have asked for Boehner's permission to speak. He's the President and he should have taken this opportunity to be as rude as W. and just said "I'm speaking at this time. Work around it."
YOUR the President and Boehner is the Speaker of the House. He's the one who needs to be deferential, NOT YOU!
CNN, please put us out of our misery. Enough with the missing woman in Aruba! She's missing, gone. AC can't find her.
I wish her no harm. I just don't want to hear about her plight any longer.
Give her to Nancy Grace before she starts to dance.