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Anderson Cooper in Afghanistan 2006, A Look Back, Part 1

Over the next few weeks, leading up to the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, we will be taking a look back to 2006; when Anderson was in Afghanistan for the 5th Anniversary. We hope you enjoy this Anderson Cooper retrospective ~

From the AC360 blog on September 8th, 2006 ~

Anderson and senior producer Charlie Moore landed in Afghanistan early this morning. We sent them because we figured many news organizations will use the backdrop of Ground Zero here in New York to memorialize the five-year anniversary of 9/11. Of course, remembering the victims is hugely important, but we also wanted to go back to where this all began and assess exactly what has happened to the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the presumed safe-haven of Osama bin Laden.

As for the massive explosion and suicide car bombing near the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan this morning, Anderson and his team had just landed in Kabul and were waiting for their equipment when Peter Bergen alerted them a huge blast had just occurred. They rushed off to the scene and found it already cordoned off by Afghan, French and U.S. troops. U.S. soldiers quickly confirmed to them that two of their comrades had died (and by now we know at least 16 civilians also died). Anderson described the tremendous impact of the blast. They were about 50 yards away from where it went off. The street was covered with broken glass. Flesh and blood were everywhere, Charlie reports.

Anderson's report on AM that morning ~

Anderson anchored Friday night's AC360 Live from Kabul ~

Kabul, Afghanistan, September 9, 2006: Anderson Cooper takes a break from reporting from a rooftop in Kabul. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images for CNN)

Kabul, Afghanistan, September 11, 2006: Anderson Cooper, field producer Charlie Moore and photojournalist Philip Littleton fly to the U.S. Forward Operating Base Bermel in the Paktika province to shoot the 911 anniversary commemoration at the base. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images for CNN)

Paktila province, FOB Bermel, Afghanistan: Anderson Cooper shot the 9/11 anniversary at the base and went on patrol with U.S. and Afghan army soldiers. While at the base the crew experienced a rocket attack from insurgents, which forced the initial 9/11 commemoration to be halted. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images for CNN)

Anderson's report on American Morning that got cut short by the attack ~

And then later with Heidi to discuss what had happened ~

Anderson anchored AC360 from the forward operating base in Eastern Afghanistan on Monday night, September 11th ~

This truly is the ground zero of the war on terror here in Afghanistan. We're at a forward operating base in eastern Afghanistan, pressed hard against the border with Pakistan. I can't tell you the exact location, for security reasons. But the soldiers here from the 10th Mountain Division, every day, are fighting a very real war on terror here in eastern Afghanistan.

Anderson's report on his day with the troops

Here in Afghanistan, we have been getting a very up-close look at what -- what happened on 9/11, and what is happening here five years afterward. We went out on patrol today. And -- and, while the soldiers were trying to commemorate 9/11, nothing quite worked out as planned. Here's how the day looked.

Anderson's report on Osma Bin Laden's last known residence in Afghanistan

Jalabad, Afghanistan, September 9, 2006: Anderson Cooper in Osama Bin Laden's former compound. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images for CNN) Of course, it was soon after 9/11, October 7, when the U.S. began bombing here in Afghanistan in retaliation, trying to drive al Qaeda and the Taliban government which supported them out of this country. And they did that very effectively indeed. Osama bin Laden, when the bombs started to fall, began to move, first to Kabul and then to a compound in Jalalbad. That was his last known residence. We wanted to take you there to show you what it was like.

And Anderson ended AC360 with a Reporter's Notebook ~

We have been trying to get as big a sense of the story as possible. It of course, Afghanistan is such a big country, it is so spread out. We tried to get cameras in as many places as possible. We've been followed around in the last several days by a photographer from Getty Images, Brent Stirton (ph), who's been taking pictures of us as we work behind the scenes. Here are some of his pictures with some of my "Reporter's Notebook." ~

to be continued......

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