Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anderson & Kathy Griffin Attend Fundraiser

From a blog post Anderson Cooper, AMFAR, Kathy Griffin and Us

Saturday night I attended a enthusiastic reception for AMFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) The fete was held at Gabby Karan's (Donna's Daughter) delightful Sag Harbor NY restaurant TUTTO IL GIORNO. The food was perfect, the ambiance festive and riparian (we're on the bay), and the staff attentive. Gabby not only was generous with the space, she closed the entire restaurant for this worthwhile cause. A class act.

Always the class act was Anderson Cooper who showed up with his Hamptons house guest Kathy Griffin. What a wonderful pair. Fun and serious. Together they're salt and pepper - or tabasco and fire. Anderson and Kathy were clearly well aware of the their roles chatting and posing for picture upon picture. It was refreshing to Cooper laughing and engaging in life; he's a smart man - morphing and blending in as need be.

Over the recent years America has become a dangerously divided land. We're split between ideologies, social and international issues, and even the welfare of our fellow countrymen. But dig below the sound bite and look past the hate and you'll find people and organizations who still are working to keep the societal glue of compassion bonding us together. America is Strong. We are still one. Gay, straight, black, white, Asian, men, women - they were all in attendance last night. Cool stuff and a great night. I hope some big donations get written to AMFAR. (please click on link for full post)

From Twitter, one of the "picture upon picture" they posed for? ~

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