Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New 'Anderson' Commercial

'Anderson' posted a new video/commercial today ~

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody know the secret to getting a reply to tweets or emails? It seems anybody commenting on the new daytime show gets a reply, but people who've been watching and commenting for years are totally ignored. I've tried really general, impersonal questions and comments but never get an answer. I understand they need to hype the new show and attract new viewers, but don't the loyal viewers from 360 deserve some attention. Without those people, he wouldn't have a new show. I could be wrong and too sensitive, but I was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

It seems Mr. Cooper has gotten a little too big to be bothered with communicating with his fans by email. Those days are over unless you’re as famous as he thinks he is.

As to tweets I suggest being overly complementary bordering on gushy to get his attention. Also cute and flirty seem to work too. And to catch his staff’s attention don’t forget to tell them what a wonderful job they are doing and/or talk baseball/cupcakes. And again I stress mentioning the absolutely fabulous job they are doing making AC360 the number one (or was that number 4) rated show on cable news.

By all means avoid the truth. No criticism, complaints or requests for special attention. All attention must remain on the host and his staff. They are the important ones here, not the fans.

Anonymous said...

he answered my tweet when I complained about the price of movie food. I said I bring in outside candy.

Julie P. said...

Anderson,just want you to know how very special you were to my mother in her last years alive .. She could not get enough of you, and left her TV on CNN 24-hr/365, knowing that you would be back on and she didn't want to miss you. She suggested Matel come out with a new doll: the Anderson Cooper doll. Anything that brought happiness to my mom brings happiness to me too, so I too enjoy your show.