Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Newsletter & Some Taser Fun

In case you didn't get your Anderson newsletter here's the video that was sent out to subscribers:

Now we knew the post was going to be a little light on content so we wanted to add an extra for our ATA readers. Nothing seemed a good fit until we looked at our sister blog, All Things CNN, and their post on Rick Sanchez. It reminded us of some classic Anderson and Rick Sanchez. Enjoy everyone.

Oh how we miss Rick Sanchez. ♥

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Anonymous said...

The cherry on the cake? OK I can forgive that because of the priceless ‘It hurts, it’s painful…….but no one’s dead. Something to think about as you go to bed tonight.’

Anonymous said...

I for one do not miss Rick Sanchez, he was a smug, self absorbed person, who thought he was the expert in Social Media, NOT.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 9:43, But he was a blogger's gold mine. When it was a slow day you could always count on Rick.