Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Series 8/14/11

This week's Sunday Series goes back to April 4, 2008's Live with Regis and Kelly. Anderson co-hosted with Kelly and in the host chat they talked about:
• AC's cancer scare
• The full body photographs Cooper's dermatologist suggested as a future reference
• An AC fan who arrived at his apartment with 6 bags ready to move in
• Anderson not attending his prom

Trivia and Kelly impersonates Paula Abdul at Anderson's request

Rene Zellweger:

And the program ended with the classic Anderscise segment.

And later that evening on 360 Erica Hill couldn't help but tease AC a bit about his exercise session on that morning's Live with Regis and Kelly. Take a look:

Since Anderson mentioned his skin cancer scare in the host chat we thought this a good time to repost when he broke the news to Erica Hill and AC360 viewers on March 19, 2008:

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson trying to do the exercises/refusing to do some of them is one of the funniest Andermoments ever!

Thanks for doing this sundays series, I am really enjoying it.

aries moon said...

@Broadway Bound Bunny, regarding your comment on an earlier post, there are so many skeletons and contradictions in some of the current frontrunners on the GOP side that need to be exposed. Bachmann is proving to be a complete hypocrite. I can only hope the press gets a case of integrity and does its job well during the campaign season.

I agree with ACAnderFan, the R&K segment with Anderson balking at doing some of those exercises is one of my favorites. I guess we can be assured that he won't be doing anything like that on his talk show.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

@aries moon as long as the media needs the ratings they won't delve too deeply into the backgrounds of the front runners because it makes people want to watch and see open mouth insert foot. What I really wish would happen would be that the candidates would talk more about what they intend to do if elected(I don't mean just for President) and not what the other guy or party is doing wrong. However, I know it isn't going to happen.