Thursday, September 08, 2011

AC Odds & Ends

Anderson posted a new video on his YouTube channel about his first program on September 12th and his guests.

US Weekly has a 25 things you might not know about Anderson Cooper.

1. I started going gray in college.
2. I wish I still had brown hair.
3. I love my Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills. Miami, not so much.
4. I met Charlie Chaplin when I was 6. I have a photo, but no actual memory of it.
5. I am very disorganized.
6. Shopping for clothes makes my head hurt.
7. I work out nearly every day. Yes, I know how annoying that sounds.
8. I love fast food.
9. I need to eat better.
10. I collected toy soldiers when I was young.
11. I became a reporter by going to wars by myself with a camera and a fake press pass.
12. I've been addicted to TV since I was little.
13. I was a Dungeons & Dragons geek when I was young. I spent a lot of time indoors.
14. I can fall asleep anywhere at any time.
15. I was a child model. Embarrassing!
16. I don't drink any hot liquids. No tea, no coffee.
17. Oddly, my favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.
18. I don't like to wear sunglasses, no matter how bright out it is.
19. I struggled with dyslexia as a child.
20. Chocolate chip cookies make me happy.
21. I can't sing, and won't try.
22. I like to dance, but never on TV.
23. I've bitten my nails for as long as I can remember.
24. I am a dog person and have a dog named Molly, but I've recently discovered cats are OK too.
25. I like to assume the best about people, until I am proven wrong. has an interview posted with Anderson talking about the possibility of his new talk show failing.

"There is a high failure rate," with daytime talk shows, he says. "It may very well fail. I am a big believer in playing into the things that you fear the most. As an adult, I try not to worry. From when I was 10, I had a furrowed brow. And my dad used to say, 'Enjoy, enjoy.' Obviously, I want this to work, and it can be a great life-enhancing thing for viewers. And if it fails, I'll still have my job at CNN, unless I really fail and they get rid of me, too." Follow the link for the entire read.

And last, but not least the latest edition of the Anderson Talk Show Newsletter.

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Anonymous said... false.
Either I read it or he said it, but he takes Ambien.

Anonymous said...

This is the first interview that posed the question of failure.
At least AC has given this thought and knows he can always go back to CNN.
That's probably why he kept that option open because of the high rate of talkshow failures.