Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anderson: Abandoned At Birth

Anderson opened today's program telling why he wanted to tell this story; then gave the background stories on two babies abandoned at birth, before introducing Ashley Wyrick and Allison Dolan ~

This next clip is a montage of some strong points made in the discussion of Ashley and Allison's story; including not letting the abandonment define you, being saved for a reason and the fact that your background will never be known ~

And this clip covers growing up in a foster family, being told you were adopted/your abandonment story, being defined by loss and it being hard to let others in ~

During the rest of the hour we met Officer Steve Gibbs, the man who found Ashley and heard his story of finding her and how he remains a part of her life today; Ronderlyn Carr who witnessed teens discovering baby Allison and how she's still looking for the two young men today; and Dr. Mountain who preformed DNA testing on the girls (earlier) and presented information on their genetic background/heritage. Anderson took to the audience for questions before closing today's program.

And on a lighter note ~ posted the following video: During an audience Q&A, a fan asked a question that Anderson had never received before: "If you could have any celebrity voice on your GPS system, whose would it be?"

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Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Didn't get to see the show today, so sorry I missed it. As for a celebrity voice on my GPS don't have one, but Anderson is my message alert notification and CNN is my ringtone.

SM Pratt said...

I saw the show today and was fascinated with both woman's story, especially the part about not letting that part define who they are. I did think it was fascinating what all they could tell from the salvia. Back a few years ago I participated in a DNA study and all they could do on women was the mitochondrian DNA - just the Mother's side. I would have loved to see my paternal heritage too - I know that one grandfather's DNA looked to be that of a Viking while the rest were Irish or Scot. I could have listened to more of this, especially if the lady had explained how they got both lines.

So far the show is pretty interesting as long as Kathy Griffin isn't on it. We'll see what it's like in a few months; can't exactly judge a show fairly on the basis of 3 days. I hope the show succeeds simply because he wants it to so badly.