Friday, September 16, 2011

Anderson: Anderson Cooper & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hils

Anderson introduced today's talk show topic; once again on his bike and yes, he wiped out!

He opened the program with a little background on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Russell Armstrong's suicide.

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump & Adrianna Maloof were on the couch, their husbands - Mauricio, Keb & Paul were in the audience and Kelsey Grammer joined in via satellite from Malibu. Topics discussed included Russell's suicide and should the season have been aired; the pressure of keeping up appearances; how suicide is a taboo subject and perhaps the season can help to open up the dialogue; Camille's custody battle; and general discussions of the interactions between the housewives and this season thus far.

Anderson shared a couple of his RHOBH favorite moments ~

Jiggy (Lisa's dog who has 35,000 Twitter followers and his own Facebook page) joined the party ~

Anderson closed the program by thanking his guests ~

A promo for his Monday episode "The Story of My Mom: Gloria Vanderbilt" aired today ~

And the talk show tweeted that Anderson will be answering your "Ask Anderson" questions live on Monday ~

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Anonymous said...

Friday's show was a compete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I only watched because I thought maybe they would explore the issue of suicide and how it shouldn't be taboo to talk about it openly. There was a one sentence mention - nothing more.

My mom tried to commit suicide and I found her in time, but I will never forget that day. She was in a RX induced psychotic episode at the time, but it was scary as hell.

I learned nothing from today's program (nor did I like it) and apparently Anderson didn't learn anything either as he still doesn't wear a bike helmet!

ACAnderFan said...

The talk show was OK today. I love RHOBH, but this episode wasn't what I thought it would be. I don't know what I thought it would be. I would have liked for Andy Cohen to be on to discuss Bravo's handling of the whole Russel Armstrong story.

Anonymous said...

@10:49: The description of the show does not say that the topic will be suicide on Monday.
It's supposedly Gloria's story which includes the suicide of her son Carter.
This is why I feel it exploits suicide and does not delve into prevention or anything positive.
It's all for ratings.
I for one, will not watch.

Anonymous said...

Are we seeing different adverts and promos for the show on Monday? The promo I saw shows Anderson laughing with his mother about who she has dated in the past. So I wouldn't expect the whole show to be dedicated to a discussion on Carter's suicide.

Even for Friday's show, I got no indication that the whole show was a discussion of suicide. I thought it was a show for fans of RHOBH. I wasn't surprised that they talked about Russel's suicide but I didn't expect the whole show to be about his suicide either.

Anonymous said...


So if Anderson doesn't discuss how to prevent heart attacks is he exploiting the death of his father?

Exploiting suicide...what does that mean anyway? Discussing how a situation in your life has affected you and your mother is not exploitation. It's a discussion. And from what I understand, it's only a part of their entire discussion on the show.

Anonymous said...

On HNL Andersn talked about the interview with his mother and how the producers and his mom surprised him on a piece about how his dad would be proud of him.

Anonymous said...

Suicide is quite different from a heart attack which everyone discusses openly.
At the beginning of his career he was shy about having his mother on the set.
Now it is done to promote himself.
Instead of learning from the suicide or having a full round table on the subject to find out alternatives, it is being aired for one simple reason, the subject is taboo, even today, and it will bring RATINGS.

Lilly said...

I thought Friday's show was a good show. Considering Anderson's facination with the Beverly Hills Housewives I didn't think they would dwell on the issue of suicide for the entire show but addressing it was done well.

I liked his reaction to Allison DuBois. Is this the same lady portrayed in the show Medium that was produced by Kelsey Grammer? I liked that show but I didn't realize she was a friend of Camille's.

I liked all the shows this week. Some were serious and some were fun which showed an interesting side to Anderson. I'm excited to see his Mom on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Anderson should concentrate on elevating the show to the level of the viewers intellegence.
Just because he's interested in everything Beverly Hills doesn't mean everyone is.
Viewers need to relate.
Anderson also needs to take calls live.
Not answer questions that were previously read for content.
Phil Donahue always took phone calls "live."
Larry King took phone calls live.
Viewers want to interact and no one is giving them the chance.