Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anderson - Conjoined Twins, Gender Testing & Placenta Eating

Anderson opened today's show backstage with Tatiana & Krista Hogan and explained his interest behind today's show. In the following clip we also meet the Hogan family. And at the end of the clip we hear their mom's powerful words to some adults reactions upon seeing Tatiana & Krista; "Do you know what you're teaching your kid? Your teaching that child that it's not right to be different." ~

In the next clip we learn the medical problems Tatiana & Kirsta face; and Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins the discussion to share his medical expertise (And yes, he brought a model of a brain!) ~

Daily life at the Hogan family home and a questions from the audience. Again we hear powerful words that Felicia would like people to know, "Just because you look different, doesn't mean that you are different" ~

We hear the story of separated co-joined twins Josie and Theresa, Sanjay explains the medical issues and we meet their adoptive parents; Jenny Hull and Werner Cajas ~

We meet Josie & Theresa and they meet Tatiana & Krista. Anderson closed the segment by saying "I know that some people may see your kids as medical phenomena, but I think all of us here, after meeting the them and talking with you all, see them as just phenomenal little girls" ~

Anderson took to the audience for the final segment and discussed gender testing and women eating their placentas ~

Anderson closed the program by thanking his guests and inviting viewers to continue the conversation.

And just because ~

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ACAnderFan said...

Today's episdoe was OK. Had it not been for Snajay I don't think I would have even watched the whole show.

The whole eating placenta discussion was just weird and!

Claire said...

The few minutes I watched of this show, if it hadn't been for Sanjay I would have thought I clicked on an episode of Jerry Springer. I saw the part where Anderson got to tell the prospective parents what they were having.

I haven't enjoyed many of the shows so far. Liked the SJP show, because I like her so well. Enjoyed parts of the Gloria show. Or should I say the Glo show? Geez. I'm hoping we see some improvement soon.

Anonymous said...

Why did you think you turned into a Jerry Springer episode? I thought the little girls were cute. I thought the show was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what do you want to see on the show because other than fluffy celebrity interviews no one has liked the topics. It seems you all want the show to be something Anderson is not, ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is an excellent field reporter, and that's where he belongs.
The only show I watched portions of, was the one with Gloria.
I noticed that the audio was not as good as it could have been and even with his mother, AC was ill at ease.
Just the way Oprah could never stand in a war zone, Anderson has trouble interacting and making those at home and in his audience feel comfortable.
Here he's Geraldo with a microphone.
Phil Donahue would have interacted conversely with his viewers as he walked through his audience.
And his topics were always far reaching. They would draw you in, not in the audience, but at home.
AC has not develped this type of rapport, and he may or may not be given the chance to alter his shortcomings.

Claire said...

I would like to see more substance. Rachael Ray did a long interview the other day with Bill Clinton, talking a lot on his Global Initiative. Anderson has covered Haiti and Somalia, so how about having the U.S. organizations that help on the show? Cover the good that's being done, not just the tragedies. I'd like to see some best selling authors. Dr. Phil did the Anthonys(I know some people are sick of this case, but hearing the parents talk about it all was riveting to me). I know Anderson doesn't want to do politics, but there are books coming out on Sarah Palin, behind the scenes at the WH, and Dick Cheney's book. I'm not a fan of Cheney, but I saw him and his wife interviewed last week and it was a very interesting interview.

Conjoined twins, gender testing and placenta eating are just not what interests me, but it's early and I'm willing to keep checking out shows that seem to appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

I liked today's program. The girls were cute and the parents were an inspiration. I thought the mom of the conjoined twins had some powerful words about acceptance; especially from adults.

I din't think the last segment fit with the rest of the program. I would have rather they continued with the original story line.

I will agree that the gender testing was a little Springer like. The first question that popped into my mind when they were explaining the test is why is there a need for such a test. With all ultrasound technology available, parents can find out the sex of their baby long before it arrives. Is the need for an extremely early determination going to be used for gender selection via abortion if the sex isn't what the parent(s) hoped for? I sure hope not. I knew about the whole placenta consumption - but wasn't sure why it was included, either. It just didn't seem to fit.

All in all, I enjoyed today's program and Anderson seemed to be more engaged than yesterday.

I'm the person who rarely watched Oprah and doesn't watch daytime TV in the afternoon, so I fully expect some topics to interest me more than others. I'm willing to give Anderson a chance, because I've been a fan of his field reporting for years. I think his strength is storytelling and I'm interested to see how that translates to his daytime program.


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that AC really does not understand the demographics of his afternoon audience.
He seems fixated on the twenty something groupies when a lot of his audience, it seems, would follow him from his 360 audience, if only his discussions were elevated to their level.
Someone must inform him, that the mindset of some his audience is not the mindset of Jerry Springer, which is the lowest common denominator of content.