Friday, September 16, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Up Discussion: Hala Gorani and Rezan Zaitouneh on the phone

INTENSE FIGHTING IN LIBYA: Ben Wedeman and Phil Black reporting from the outskirts of Sirte, Libya
Follow Up Discussion with Fareed Zakaria

BREAKING NEWS: PLANE CRASHES AT NEVADA AIR SHOW: AC talked with air show official Mike Draper by phone
Follow Up Discussion with Jim Tilmon, Ret. airline pilot & CNN aviation expert

360 FOLLOW UP: Rescued motorcyclist says thank you to those who saved him


Anderson was back with Breaking News on the air crash in the 10 PM hour:

• AC talked by phone with pilot/witness Fred Schultz and another witness Ben Cissell
• CNN expert Jim Tilmon was back to discuss the video
• Kelly Smoot, a CNN producer, reported by phone from the scene
• AC talked, via Skype, with the Schumann's who were at the air show
• AC interviewed the mayor of Reno, Ben Cashell by phone
• Press conference from Reno was aired live

AC360 Transcript

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judy said...

I cannot comprehend how Anderson can talk about trivia and then have an elevated discussion with Fareed Zakaria about Libya.
No one blames him for branching out. But the way in which it is being done, without thought with mindless entertainment, is just disappointing.
A person of his caliber should be elevating the discussion in the afternoon.
That is what Oprah tried to do at least...elevate the conversation and add spirituality to it as well.
Terrible tragedy in Nevada.
Next time the grandstand should be located much farther from the field and runway.
But it takes an accident of this dimension for people to realize this, as always.

Anonymous said...

The earlier 360 started out with good reports about Libya and Syria and I figured even Anderson must be bored talking about American politics.

Excellent coverage of the horrible plane crash in Reno.

I don't know if Anderson said he wanted to be the new Phil Donahue or if others said that. Donahue would have a terrific in-depth hour about welfare and the next show he'd interview Liberace.

"Anderson" is not going to be a serious heavy show every single time Even Oprah didn't do that.

I didn't see Anderson talk to the "Real Housewives" because his daytime show is braodcast here at a bad time. But even if it was on at a more convenient time, I wouldn't have watched.

Anderson has a difficult task right now. He wants his serious 360 watchers to watch "Anderson" and he wants to draw in the soccer mom or whoever usually watches daytime talk shows. I don't know how he's going to please both groups in the long run.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Anderson can ask people to disclose or talk about their private lives and his still seems to be off limits.

aries moon said...

As usual, Anderson and the 360 team did a fine job of handling the breaking news out of Nevada. How awful for the victims and the pilots family who witnessed the crash.

Anonymous said...

Alessandra Stanley in the NYT has an excellent article about that topic 6:39AM.
It is not whether AC is able to make the transition, it is whether his viewers "want" to make the transition with him and so far at least, the answer is negative.