Monday, September 05, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, Sept. 5, 2011

BACHMAN CAMPAIGN SHAKE-UP: Anderson Cooper talks by phone with Ed Rollins
Discussion: John King, James Carville and Ari Fleischer

TEXAS BURNS: Anderson talks by phone with Texas Forest Service Representative Mary Kay Hicks

CRIME & PUNISHMENT, ARUBA: Martin Savidge reporting from Aruba
Follow up discussion with Savidge, AC and Mark Geragos

SOMALIAN FAMINE DEEPENS: Anderson talks with Nima Elbagir

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST: Gerard Depardieu

AC360 Transcript

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ACAnderFan said...

I think 360 spent entirely too much time on the Bachmann campaign shake up. Surely there's other things going on that they could have talked about.

The Texas wildfires are just awful. I hope they get them under control soon and that Texas gets some rain too.

judy said...

I agree. Michele Bachmann is not that important to spend the first twenty minutes debating with Ed Rollins about the shake-up in her campaign.
Most people, who are not Tea Party members, think she's as qualified as her sister Sarah, Plain and Simple.
Did we have to revisit the missing young woman in Aruba?
I gather she's still missing and she will be tomorrow as well. Let's move along, shall we.
Looking forward to Candy Crowley's and AC's memorial for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

aries moon said...

Ed Rollins recognizes a sinking ship when he sees one. I don't agree with him politically, but he did seem too smart to be hooking up with Bachmann.

Sad update about the Somalia famine, but I was happy to see Nima Elbagir on the show again--I just wish there could be good news from there as well.

Enjoyed AC's latest take on Depardieu but I've noticed that he doesn't do the Ridiculist live any longer.

Anonymous said...

When did Anderson stop doing the Ridiculist live?

JMO said...

@anon 8:05 since the giggle incident. Too much was made of it, IMO and he wants to keep his image as the consummate news guy intact, too bad he didn't think of that sooner.