Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair in the NYC studio for Thursday's AC360. Here's the rundown ~

Breaking News - Dow Plunges Amid Fear of New Global Recession: Anderson Cooper
Discussion with Erin Burnett, Stephen Moore & David Gergen

KTH - Awaiting House Vote on Spending Bill: Report by Anderson Cooper
Discussion with David Gergen & Gloria Borger

Seaworld Trainer Death: Anderson Cooper's interview with David Kirby

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesay

Ungodly Discipline Former students say they were hit, humiliated: Report by Gary Tuchman
Follow up discussion with Anderson Cooper & Gary Tuchman

Follow up on Jamey Rodyemeyer - ABC News had learned that police reportedly open a criminal investigation into Jamey's suicide to see if three students in particular should be charged with cyber harassment or hate crimes.

CNN 2010 Hero - Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow - Feeding Somalia's Children: Anderson Cooper followed the report with how to vote for the CNN 2011 Hero and announced he would be hosting a live show Sunday, December 11th at 8pmET

360 Bulletin: Isha Sesy

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I liked this new part of Gary's Ungodly Discipline series. There is no reason for a school official to hit/paddle a kid. Parents are the only ones who should do that type of punishment, and of course they should't hit too hard either. These are the type of stories I like to see on 360, stories you don't really see anywhere else. This is some of the best reportig I've seen in a while on 360.

judy said...

Well we finally heard Erin Burnett speak and for the most part, without notes.
I actually agreed with what she said this time although she doesn't say things emphatically enough, like she actually believes them.
She said that nothing will get better until the "housing crisis is addressed."
Yes, nothing Obama says or does will happen until HE realizes that when people are unable to sell the biggest investment of their lives, they are worthless....not worth less, bu worthless.
Properties are sitting idle all over the country with or without residents because people can not buy or sell them and until this changes, nothing HE DOES OR SAYS will matter.
President Obama MUST ADDRESS this issue and stop his campaigning mode.
Of course Ms.Burnett didn't say it quite this way, but she was on the right track.
She also "mentioned" the mighty Euro, which is a faulty currency whose value has plummeted effecting every nation who invested in it.
But Burnett failed to elaborate because CNN management thinks their viewers wouldn't understand anyway.
And in some respects they may very well, be right.

Bob Hayton said...

Anyone know why the video clip of the discipline segment has been "expired" by CNN?