Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper was live from the New York studio tonight for AC360 ~

KTH: CHILD PORN OR FREE SPEECH, Reddit's Jailbait Website Under Scrutiny: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up: Jeff Toobin and Sunny Hostin

RAISIN CAIN, Straw Poll Win, Debates Give Boost: Anderson Cooper with Cornell Belcher and Ari Fleischer

RARE LOOK AT KNOX BEHIND BARS, Inside the Italian Prison Where Amanda Knox Is Being Held: Anderson Cooper with Matthew Chance

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH TRIAL: Report and follow discussion with Randi Kaye
Follow: Sanjay Gupta & Mark Geragos

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

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RidicuList: Unpaid Interns...

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ACAnderFan said...

The only kind of interesting part of 360 was the part about Reddit.

360 really needs to lay off the Michael Jackson crap.

In general I think 360 needs better story selection. It seems kind of stale lately.

judy said...

Tonite's 360 was terribly lacking in content and the lead story should not have been one of child porn.
Please put that "stuff" on HLN.
Is this fast becoming 360 Lite?
I did enjoy Cornell Belcher's debate with Ari Fleischer about Herman Cain's remark.
Personally I didn't think it was worth the 8 minute discussion either way because Herman Cain will never win the Repbulican nomination.
However, I don't think it was racially intended although I'm no Herman Cain fan.
I find him just the oppposite of the President's demeanor and candor.
He is abrupt and unmannerly. Perfect for the GOP.
Please no more Michael. It is obvious the doctor that Jackson literally BOUGHT, practiced bad medicine.
And why does it surprise everyone he didn't know CPR? A lot of MD's can't draw blood and nurses can do it in a snap.
That's the price of fame: Craziness.

Jazz said...

The Cornell Belcher and Ari Fleischer conversation was pure sensationalism. I don't recall John McCain or George W. Bush visiting the inner cities during their campaign. Has Sarah Palin's bus tour included the inner city? I don't think so. No republican calls to inner city residences before elections. It seems simple to me and not worth the discussion.

Has Anderson yet talked about 11 year old Mitchell Wilson? He's a boy who recently commited suicide because he was being bullied. Instead of devoting the shows time to discussing the Michael Jackson trial and whether black voters are brainwashed, I wish there had been a story about this little boy. I'm very disappointed. Bullying comes in all forms. If we are going to get serious about bullying we can't just discuss it when someone is being bullied because they are or are believed to be gay. We can't just discuss bullying as a problem when a child kills him/herself and finally see them as a victim. Guess what? That kid who was picked on for years and walks into a school and kills several people was a victim of bullying too. If we are going to really do something to stop it we need to finally be real about it and see it from all angles.

Sorry about the rant but I have been disappointed and disconnected from most of the content on 360 lately.