Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011

Follow Up Discussion with authors Rosalind Wiseman and Rachel Simmons

360 RAW POLITICS, RICK PERRY & ISRAEL: James Carville and Erick Erickson discuss

CONNECTICUT MURDER TRAIL: Deborah Feyerick and Sunny Hostin reporting

NEW VIDEO OF RENO PLANE CRASH: AC talks with survivor Brent Wilson


Something of interest to Isha fans, yesterday Michael Holmes announced on Backstory's Facebook page that he was handing over the anchoring reins to Isha Sesay. He wrote:

Nearly three years after launching BackStory (with Vickie the only surviving Original!), I'm moving shows and handing the reins over to regular BS fill-in Isha Sesay.

Time for a change, as they say, and so from next Monday Isha will be your fulltime BackStory host and I'll be taking over on Idesk (the 10am Eastern US time version that Isha anchors).

Not sure if that means Isha will be leaving 360 or continue to do double duty.


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ACAnderFan said...

The story of a 14 year old boy who was bullied and took his own life was so sad and sad to see his it gets better video. Its awful that people can't leave others alone. Why bully someone for being gay? They're not hurting you or anyone. Let them be the way they are, and stop bullying them.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see 360 lead off with the bullying story. There were bullies when I was young, but we only had to deal with them during the school day (mostly recess) as there were no computers, cell phones, etc. when I was growing up. I feel sorry for kids today. That said, I would like to see 360 show there is more to bullying than just gay bullying. Kids are bullied for a variety of reasons.

I was surprised there was no mention of DADT not existing anymore. Today was the first day and it was a pretty major milestone, IMO.

I don't get 360's fascination with crime and punishment stories. We don't need the blow by blow on a "trial of the day" on each program. Isn't that what Nancy Grace's show is about? I would rather hear news out of Libya, Syria -- an international segment in place of the Crime & Punishment segment. Besides - most of the pre-recorded package had aired a time or two before. There's enough news to fill an hour - Opening of the United Nations today for one thing. I'm not big on repeating packages (the Crime & Punishment one) we've seen 2 or 3 times before. Seems kind of lazy to me. A short recap would have been a sufficient lead-in and AC could have easily done it.

The airplane crash video was riveting -- glad that made the cut.

But what is up with CNN hiring Ari Fleischer and Anderson's tweet welcoming him? Really?

Anderson looked very tired tonight. I think two shows, plus 60 Minutes, is taking a physical toll on him. It was bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

I am an Isha fan and please tell me what this means?
Is Backstory part of CNN?
I know it's not part of her 360 duties but she does deserve a show of her own.

Anonymous said...

@12:51AM: I think you are right but I also think it's taking a toll on his viewers.

aries moon said...

You have to wonder whether people who are so dismissive of the terrible effects of bullying were bullies themselves. It was heartbreaking to listen to that poor young man trying to help others when he apparently wasn't getting enough help himself in combating bullies. The whole neutrality idea and not specifically naming the type of bullying that is taking place is wrongheaded and is only contributing to more senseless deaths of young kids.

Why 360 relegated the historic end of DADT to the bulletin is beyond me. They could've held off that Crime and Punishment segment for one night for a comprehensive look at DADT (I actually wish they'd drop the entire C&P segment altogether).

I hope Isha's not leaving the show.

@Judy, Kathy Griffin would've been great on The View--the potential for daily headlines from her battling Hasselbeck would be huge.

judy said...

Having taught public school for many years bullying was a good topic to lead 360 tonite.
However, bullying happens to all children, not just those that are gay. There is entirely too much emphasis on sexual orientation VS bullying.
Children are bullied because they are fat, short, skinny, have sibling problems, parental problems, nutrirional problems, are sickly, live in filthy conditions, and the list goes on.
If Anderson wants to delve into bullying than HE ought to open the discussion to ALL types of bullying.
The child that committed suicide during the winter came from Ireland and was subject to ridicule because of her dialect and there was a language barrier.
Children of all ages make fun of the way people speak because they are, in their minds, different.
So again Content is lacking and it is up to Anderson and his producer to fix it.
You brought it to our attention, now expose it for what it is...a crisis that is BROAD.
Nancy Grace can't do crime stories now. She's too busy dancing or at least that's what I "think" she thought she was doing.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Kathy Griffin showed more pictures of herself at Anderson's home, and she said it was in Connecticut. Maybe she was trying to throw people off, but I thought his home was in Long Island, NY.