Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anderson Cooper at Ground Zero 9/11/2011 Hour Six

Anderson spoke with Jim Spellman in Joplin, MO about Repairing the 9/11 Flag

Anderson and Candy spoke with Soledad O'Brien about women firefighters

Anderson gave a short report on the Four-Legged Heroes of 9/11

Anderson wrapped up five-and-a-half hours of special coverage

A little light-hearted fun to end the day ~

Anderson tweeted 'Ran into my tv twin Jorge Ramos.' and the link to the above photo. This video was posted to the Univision News' tumbler site

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Anonymous said...

Jorge Ramos looks nothing like Anderson. Nothing....only in his mind.

aries moon said...

Thank you for posting all of the clips, I missed hour six. The memorial is really beautiful--after hearing about the design for so long, it is still a bit unreal to me that it's finally completed and open to the public, but it's lovely and traquil and a fitting tribute for the people who lost their lives that tragic day.