Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anderson Cooper on Access Hollywood And in Parade Magazine

Anderson sat down with Access Hollywood for an interview that aired Monday, called "Access to Anderson" ~

And from Sunday's Parade Magazine (please click on image to enlarge)

Parade put more of their interview with Anderson on-line.

Anderson Cooper: 'I Really Want to Empower People'

While his serious side will still be on display (“I really want to try to empower people,” he says), Cooper promises to reveal his silly quirks as well, which includes an obsessive love of reality television. PARADE chatted with the New York native about everything from his Manhattan biking mishaps, what we still have to learn ten years after the Sept. 11 tragedy, and the truth behind that swoon-inducing T-shirt look of his.

You say you want the show to be a platform for those who usually don’t have a voice in the media.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to give everyday people a voice. In news, that often means going to places that are out of the mainstream or don't have access to power. Like the people in the wake of Katrina in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast or people in Haiti after the earthquake. I like to talk to people who are facing challenges and finding ways to overcome those obstacles. Those are the people who I learn from and grow from. I really want to try to empower people. I want this show to be a place people feel they belong and can tell their stories. We can all learn from their stories.”

For the complete interview, please click on the above link.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it's all about Anderson now, never mind all the promises he made to keep important things in the forefront, now he's the most important thing in his world, forget everything else.

Anonymous said...

When you have a new TV show, you MUST get out there and promote it, especially in the packed and difficult genre of talk shows.

Of course Anderson is going to be everywhere talking about his new show. That's to be expected.

Anon 2:35 PM - you obviously have a problem with that. You know what I had a problem with? Monday's 360 being all about the Tea Party debate. Incredibly dull. Anderson talking about himself and his show is a little more interesting.

Don't know how I feel about the upcoming show on his brother's suicide. Is it exploitive? Is it a way to keep Carter's memory alive? Is it to show that horrible things happen to rich people too? Maybe it's to show that even when the most horrible thing happens right in front of your eyes, you can still carry on and live life.


SM Pratt said...

We all have a touch of the "Its all about me" attitude - it's a very human characteristic. Some people have more than others but it's there.

Anderson would be a fool not to promote his show right now. He is having to build a following and the only way to do that is to court the viewers, and advertise. These shows cost a million or so to produce so why make that investment if you aren't going to try your hardest to be sure it's successful. As executive producer Anderson would probably lose a lot of money if he didn't - on the other hand if his show is a success he will have a very nice income!

judy said...

@Jaanza: While I usually agree with you and find your posts thoughtful, I have to say that I do feel that AC's rehashing his brother's death with his mother present, is exploitive.
When he wrote about it as part of his biography, it was part of his personal history and it was a very public event, but to rehash it purposely, is in poor taste.
He KNOWS he will be emotional and he KNOWS SHE will be emotional and to air it is exploiting the issue.
@9:29PM: AC has a "very nice income" right now.

Depends on your perspective said...

I don't think talking about Carter's suicide is exploitive at all. I think it helps families (like mine) that are dealing with the aftermath of suicide, and shows that it's ok to talk about it. Society seems to want to sweep the topic of suicide under the rug, and not allow people to grieve in the same manner because their loved one committed suicide. Anderson and his mother openly talking about suicide helps to bring it out in the open, and helps to show that even after (in his case 23 years), the grief is still there. I personally appreciate the fact that they can open themselves up about this and show that it's ok to not only talk about it, but also to grieve about it too.

Anonymous said...

Having Gloria on will probably bring "anderson" his highest ratings.
Maybe he should think of having her co-host.