Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anderson Cooper on The Joy Behar Show & in US Magazine

Anderson was on the Joy Behar Shot Monday night in a segment called "Hangin' With Mister Cooper" ~

And from US Weekly Magazine (remember to click to enlarge) ~

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SM Pratt said...

I loved the clip. It was so enjoyable. I hadn't realized just how good Joy was on her own show.

I wonder though how many of these appearances on Sunday and Monday were done that day and how many taped? It seemed like every time I looked at the TV Anderson was on it. If it wasn't his show or his reporting it was a commercial for his show. And that riding the bike thing - I hope that isn't done everyday - the camera was too close to his face and made his big nose look like a great big sausage stuck to his face. (No offense y'all - I say this to my DH all the time about HIS nose).

Anonymous said...

Joy doesn't realize this, either.