Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anderson: Custody Battles

Anderson explained the topic for today's show - custody battles - with a brief description of his first guest's concerns ~

Today viewers first met Trisha Conlin who is in a custody battle with her ex-husband. They have shared custody, but Trisha found out her ex-husband is back with his first ex-wife who shot and killed their two children, ages 8 and 4 at the time. Trisha's lawyer, Todd Devall and Judge Jeanine Pirro were on the couch as Anderson took to the audience for questions. Next up was Alaina Girodano, a woman who has cancer and custody has been granted to the children's father. He and the children live in Chicago (moved for employment purposes) while Alaina remains in North Carolina undergoing cancer treatment. Jeffrey Leving, the husband's lawyer was in the audience presenting his side and Judge Pirro remained on the couch with Alaina to offer her opinion, while audience member's weighed in also. Alaina would like laws changed so cases are free of medical bias. State Senator Floyd McKissick was Skyped in from Raleigh, NC about the possibility of such legislation. Anderson's final guest was Sarah Evan's husband, Craig Scheske; with the take being - Is fighting for custody harder when the ex is a celebrity. Again Judge Pirro weighed in, along with members of the studio audience.

Anderson wrapped up the program by reminding everyone how important it is to keep the kid's best interest at heart when going through a custody battle and how viewers could join in the discussion ~

For more video clips of today's program, go to AndersonCooper.com

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Broadway Bound Bunny said...

This show was one of the better ones, and I hope to see more of them. What the h--- is wrong with our legal system giving custody to a father who remarries a woman who killed her two children. I agree with Judge Piro the woman may have been not found guilty of murder, but that doesn't say it might happen again.

And the idiotic guy, who said that the mother with breast Cancer should leave the Duke University trials to move up to be with her children if she wants to see them is just plain out of touch and has no idea what is going on in the woman's life. I haven't yelled at the television in ages, until today. As Shakespeare said "kill all the lawyers." in this case he was right, they are useless as is the legal system in custody cases of this type.

Anonymous said...

An much as I enjoyed yesterday's program - today's bored the hell out of me. The topic is so over done and just not interesting to me. I quickly tuned out. They should have realized they would get a bump from the program with Anderson and Gloria and followed it with a strong line-up to retain viewers. The only other program that might remotely interest me this week is the one with Jerry Seinfeld (I'm a fan of his) and it's not until Friday.

Anderson was in the audience a lot today and the audience was fired up reminding me of Maury or Springer -- a real turn off. Maybe I'd feel differently if I were in attendance, but that doesn't translate through my television screen. And the audience was so young and almost half male -- not your typical talk show viewing audience, IMO.

I'll give Anderson awhile to find his stride, but the topics need to improve and be something he can relate to. It was obvious that he was stiff and straining to do so today - and in the end, just couldn't.

I often bang my head on the table with the story selection on 360, but figured some of it was CNN driven. Anderson is EP of his talk show - so story selection is his decision in the end. I'm hoping for improvement because today was just bad, after yesterday's strong program.


Anonymous said...

Jenn-I don't watch just because of what you said so well.
It all goes back to what anderson is interested in, not what the audience at home wants.

ACAnderFan said...

Jenn, I agree with you about today's episode of 'Anderson'. It didn't interest me either. I hope this isn't the norm for the show. I hope it gets better as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

anderson is doing better in the ratings.
Anderson (WBDTD), a new talk show, featuring Anderson Cooper, was the highest rated new strip in first run. It jumped 36% to a best-yet 1.5/4 on Monday, Sept. 19, compared to its 1.1/3 premiere week average for all telecasts. The show was up 25% from its lead-in and 23% from year-ago time period average. In Los Angeles, Anderson’s premiere week was up 167% over last year, while scoring a first-place 3.6/9 in San Diego, its top market.
Lol! SanDiego loves Anderson

SM Pratt said...

The show today was hard to sit through - not because it wasn't good but because I have gone through a custody battle with my ex-husband and I don't like to remember it all because it was so unpleasant. This show brought all those memories back.

Did anyone look at Gloria's fine art website? There is a picture she did off Anderson in the sold category of her Gallery. Its interesting and I doubt it was cheap. I wonder who bought it....

Anonymous said...

I don't get it just because Anderson isn't having fluffy cotton candy celeb stories none of you like the show. This is real life people and it could happen to you or someone you know.

Anonymous said...

@San Diego: Sorry to burst your bubble but you are not considered a top market.
If Anderson doesn't do better and by better I mean 2.5 million or higher....he's gone.
Oprah was having problems at 3.5 to 4 million on ABC last spring.
And speaking of ABC, Disney is a very good judge of what moves or who's going to be a hit.
They didn't touch "Anderson."
Might I also point out that the remake of "The Lion King" in 3D was in first place this past weekend and it practically cost them nothing to redo it.
So how'd it do in San Diego??

Anonymous said...

Are people who post here Anderson fans or are they people who do not want to see him succeed?