Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anderson: Former FLDS Teens, Plus, Kody Brown & 'Sister Wives'

Anderson opened today's program giving a rundown on today's guests and why he decided to do a second program on polygamy ~

Jessica, Thomas, LeRae and Holden, four kids who recently got out of the FLDS sect, were back to discuss growing up in the isolated community and the week they spent in NYC. None said they would raise their families in a polygamist family. The following clip shows some of their adventures and reactions ~

Next we were introduced to the "stars" of TLC's "Sister Wives" a polygamist family that is not part of the FLDS group. Kody Brown has four wives and 16 children. His fourth wife Robyn is 8 months pregnant with their her first child (Kody's 17th)joined via Satellite from LasVegas because she is due next month. Meri - wife #1, Janelle - wife #2 and Christine - wife #3 joined Kody on stage and 4 of his kids joined the discussion via satellite with Robyn. They discussed having multiple wives, wife order, life on the reality series and a current lawsuit over violation of polygamy laws in Utah. They claim they are more scared of the police than of the government. Anderson didn't seem to grasp the concept of multiple wives and I'm not sure I do either; even after hearing the "Sister Wives" defend their lifestyle.

Audience questions were asked and after a break Anderson brought the two groups together for a very interesting and heartbreaking segment ~

Anderson ended the program stating his interest in the subject and thanking his guests for taking part ~

More clips from today's program are available on - please click on the link below.


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ACAnderFan said...

I really liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. I find polygamy fascinating and its good Anderson is talking about it on his show. It was interesting to see the Sister Wives and Kody Brown on. I like the show Sister Wives and it was interesting seeing them outside of their show.

Claire said...

And I'm the opposite of ACAnderFan. I never watch segments on 360 about polygamy. I don't get the interest in this subject or why Anderson devotes so much time to it on both shows, but hey, they're his shows. I can just choose not to watch.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

The only part of the polygamy show I liked was the segment with the young people who left the FLDS. I have never seen Sister Wives and think it's a waste of time.

sydney said...

@claire I agree with you 100%. I have never understood Anderson's obsession with this topic and I am so over it. I deleted this show from my DVR without even watching a second of it.