Friday, September 09, 2011

Anderson in TV Guide & Glamour Magazines

Anderson showed up in the September 12th, Fall Preview issue of TV Guide magazine ~

And also, in the October 2012 issue of Glamour magazine

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Dorothy said...

He seems to be getting great promos and press working up to the premiere of the show. It is even all over our radios here in LA and they have had good things to say. He seems aware of every good thing and every pitfall that might come and seems willing to go for it! I really admire that.

Morgan said...

Still nothing here. The last time there was so much press about AC was after Katrina, and it was well deserved. But this, the PR machine is working way overtime - it's a talk show that's it, he's not Oprah nor is he Donahue.

Dorothy said...

Hey maybe that is what they said to Oprah and Donahue - hey, your not Johhny Carson, Steve Allen or Mike Douglas or Edward R. Murrow! :) Just saying....

Anonymous said...


I live in the Chicago area and checked out the station Anderson will air on -- over the last couple of days, only 2 15-30 second spots in 4+ hours of checking around the time his program will air. Nothing so far in the Chicago Tribune and no personal appearances. Chicago is the third largest market in the US and one of the stations first signed/announced to carry Anderson. Needless to say, I'm a little puzzled by the lack of advertising on the local level. Seems like all of the efforts are being directed at NYC and LA. While yes, there has been coverage in some national magazines and on the web, it's not quite the same and I'm a little puzzled by it all.

I wish Anderson much success. Maybe things have changed since I earned my marketing degree, but I can't quite pinpoint the targeted audience or the reason for the lack of advertising of the third largest market in the US.

We'll know more soon, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I saw one promo on HD TV no less, in the tri-state.
A little too much press is not a good thing.
Someone is trying too hard.
Ya think Edward R. Murrow would have Kathy Griffin as a house guest or even Phil Donahue?
Get real.

Anonymous said...

TV Guide seemed less than enthused with AC's new gig and said that he's received flak for this less than serious endeavor.

Dorothy said...

@anonyomous 9:03 - I think this was very interesting and "real" about Murrow.

"The series and Murrow received frequent criticism. Respected television critics, including Harriet Van Horne, Philip Mintoff, Gilbert Seldes, and John Lardner pointed to Murrow's petty, aimless chatter, arguing that television demanded more substance and depth, especially from someone of Murrow's journalistic background. For Murrow's colleagues, the series diverted his valuable time and energy from other projects, and added an unnecessary burden." They also critized the many guests he had. Seems like times may change, but not the chatter. Now I find myself studying up on Murrow! :)