Friday, September 23, 2011

Anderson: Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld

Anderson opened today's program in a newsstand with Jerry Seinfeld and tried to explain to Jerry about why he's doing a new show.

Once inside the studio Anderson introduced Jerry and the two had a conversation in which Jerry had fun mocking Anderson. ~

Jerry's wife, Jessica joined in the conversation, Anderson tried a 'Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special' sandwich from Peanut Butter & Company, we learn of Jerry's love of Columbus Circle and Anderson informed Jerry of the waffle war taking place in Columbus Circle ~

Anderson & Jerry on the street at the waffle cart, talking to the owner about the ongoing cart wars, and Anderson & Jerry buy a waffle -- Anderson's first waffle! ~

Back in the studio, Jerry had a surprise for Anderson - a 'Nuts 4 Nuts' cart and after talking the reason for waffles, Anderson had a surprise for Jerry - Jerry's best friend of 35 years, George Wallace, joined the two on stage. Jerry and George discussed their long friendship with Anderson. ~

Next up was a cooking session - Jessica attempts to teach Anderson, Jerry & George to cook a simple meal and laughs ensue. ~

After the break, Anderson was in the audience; Jerry and Jessica shared a little more about their family life and Anderson took a couple of questions from the audience, before closing the show. ~

Some Extras from today's program ~

Photos courtesy of Anderson's Tumbler page ~

Some Web Extra videos from ~

Jerry on Tweeting

Waffle Chatter - Unseen Footage

Jerry on Fame, "I just enjoy a bigger apartment."

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Dorothy said...

I really loved the show today and laughed a lot through it. I wasn't a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, but ended up really liking him by the end of the show.

Seems Anderson is setting a nice pace to the show with diverse subjects that balance each other out. One day light, the next heavier. He seems to have a lot of celebrity friends that he has had for a long time, which he seems to enjoy.

The show seems to be taking form and from what I read - should begin to build well as a new show.

ACAnderFan said...

Today's episode of 'Anderson' was better than I thought it would be. I sometimes find Jerry Seinfeld annoying, but he was hilarious today.

I can't believe Anderson has gone 44 years having never had a waffle. How is that possible?

Anonymous said...

What happens to "Anderson," when Anderson runs out of friends to rely on?
His show is being broadcast on PIX 11 in NYC, a station that is filled to the brim with talkshow hosts.
It is also a very low rated medicre station with loads of rerun material. He would have been much better off on R&K.
A prime station with a ready made audience.

Broadway Bound Bunny said...

Never really like Seinfeld, but he is growing on me. I've seen the waffle guy on TV and he's right you have to be in the perfect spot in order to make a living and it looks like he found it.

Anon 12:49 AM from the looks of next weeks schedule Anderson may be getting a bit better at picking subject matter, he's talking to the FLDS teens again, something that should be interesting. So keep those cards, letters and emails coming in folks and let AC know what you want to see, lol. No I don't work for Anderson.elergme

Anonymous said...

He didn't know Regis would be retiring so soon, and R&K would not give him the flexibility and diversity his new talk show lets him have. R&K has a very set structure and light tone and the guests are only there for quicky promotions of their new projects. R&K would have been a more safe and secure job, but Anderson already has two jobs so how safe does he need to play about an added third?

When Anderson's friends have been on his celebrity guest episodes can be with ones he isn't good friends with like the upcoming 50/50 episode.

Anonymous said...

I don't happen to think much of the content for the up coming week.
None that will hold my attention for the hour.

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric really lucked out.
She didn't have to promote herself and Disney came to her.
I bet she gets a prime spot dayside.
Oprah's old spot at 4PM channel 7 NY.
Couldn't ask for better.

Anonymous said...

Anderson should have his mother on again and have the subject be about suicide and have other people from the audience participate who had family members who were victims of suicide or attempted suicide, as a panel discussion.
Every participant should be given equal time.
Suicide is still considered a taboo subject and someone needs to delve into it to erase the stigma of mental illness.
The content this week has CNN written all over it.

SM Pratt said...

Show was ok today. I would hate to have to cook for AC - he seems like he is truly a very picky eater. If there was a pill you could take that gave you the nutrition and calories you need each day I bet Anderson would go for that and just skip food entirely. I like food (too much!) and trying new things is a lot of the enjoyment with it.

Anonymous said...

How do "we" know HE didn't know Regis was retiring in November??
That's merely speculation on your part.