Friday, September 09, 2011

'Anderson' Promos Abound!

With 'Anderson' premiering on Monday, lots of promotional videos popped up on Thursday ~

The first two were posted to Anderson's YouTube page ~

Anderson kicks off his new daytime show (Monday, September 12) with an exclusive interview with the parents and boyfriend of Grammy winner Amy Winehouse, who was found dead this past July in her North London home at the age of 27.

For the first time, Janis and Mitch Winehouse will discuss their daughter's lengthy public battle with substance abuse, how they have been coping since her passing, as well as the reality of addiction. Their hope is to help other families dealing with similar situations. Anderson also speaks with Winehouse's boyfriend, Reg Traviss, about Amy's state of mind before her untimely and tragic death.

And a new "Ask Anderson" video ~

In this new "Ask Anderson" video, Anderson talks about his relationship with Kathy Griffin, answering Leora B.'s question: "Is Kathy Griffin your long-lost sister?"

From Pix 11 ~

Sneak peak of Anderson Cooper's upcoming guest Daniel Radcliffe.

From "Extra" ~

'Extra' Raw! Anderson Cooper on 'Anderson' (click on above link for accompanying article)

And from E!News ~
Anderson Cooper Shows His Lighter Side

The hard-hitting journalist is ready to show his playful side on daytime TV. Sneak a peek at his new light-hearted talk show!

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