Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anderson - Summer's Hot List

Anderson opened the program with a run down on the guests on today's program ~

First Anderson spoke, via Skype, with Gérard Depardieu regarding the infamous giggle-gate and gave Mr. Depardieu a chance to tell his side of the story. He was a good sport and water bottles were involved.

The following clip is Anderson's personal vacation video of his volcano mud bath in Colombia ~

Next up was Kathy Griffin and video of the weekend she was Anderson's house guest on Long Island ~

Snooki was in the studio and they showed the following video of Anderson's spray tanning adventure with her ~

Next up was a visit from Daniel Radcliffe (audience questions for Daniel were also part of the program) ~

And the big surprise was unveiled at the end of the program (be sure to listen through to the end of the credits for one last giggle!)~

AndersonCooper.com posted two Web Extra videos for today's program ~

The first one is of Anderson, Kathy and Molly ~

And the second is of Anderson showing Kathy some of his childhood memorabilia ~

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sydney said...

Props to Gerard Depardieu for having a sense of humor about himself. Also nice to see Molly is still around!!

ACAnderFan said...

Today's episode of Anderson was better than I expected. I wasn't too wild about any of the guests, but it was a good show My favorite part was the interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

I like the video of Anderson showing Kathy some of his childhood things. Its cute.

Anonymous said...

Here in SD we got the first show today.So I guess we will not get to see todays show. The US Open ran until 5pm on Monday.Kind of sucked

SM Pratt said...

Gerald Depardieu stole the show - he was just so funny. That huge water bottle was the funniest thing and I think Anderson was caught completely off guard. It is nice Gerald has such a good sense of humor; I enjoyed him immensely - heck, my DH even liked him.

Glad to see Molly again. She is so pretty. Did you see her standing in the pool on the steps? I wonder if that is as far as she goes or if she gets in and swims with AC when it is just them....

Phebe said...

So frustrating that Phoenix didn't show today's episode of Anderson, we got yesterday's. I feel very out of the loop on Twitter, etc because I can't see what everyone is talking about. Thank goodness for ATA and the wonderful Wonz who has been posting the recaps of the talk show.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin made a perfect house guest and from what I could tell, though I didn't watch the show, she also made a perfect guest.
She was gentile and polite and didn't speak over AC like she has a habit of doing and she might even make a good co-host.
You never know.
Good to see Molly still up and around.

aries moon said...

Gerard Depardieu was really funny--one of the best parts of the show. Loved the Colombia mud volcano segment and Kathy & AC at his home--his "backyard" looked as huge as a state park. Molly is absolutely adorable--I would love to see more of her on the show. AC's Kathy Griffin bench-pressing skills were impressive. I'm not a fan of Snooki, but the spray tanning segment was fun. Daniel Radcliffe came off like a very nice, cool guy. AC's first day ratings weren't very good, but hopefully he'll be able to gain more viewers. Good second episode.

Anonymous said...

Ac first day ratings were down somwewhat because tennis ran into his time here on the west coast. I live in SanDiego and we did not get to see the first show until Tuesday. I guess we are a day behind or will miss a show.

Chris said...

Thanks a lot for uploading this! I always enjoy watching Anderson and Kathy.

I am also very much looking forward to the episode featuring his mother!

Anonymous said...

Whoever comes up with the idea of summer's best should get a big slap.

Until Thursday SJP appearance, it's getting better. Ac looks relaxed and enjoy himself and viewers too.

YOur show is as good as your guests and ideas behind it.