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Anderson Talks About Being A Waiter

As a Labor Day Web Extra - PIX11 posted audio clips of celebs looking back at their first jobs. Anderson talked about being a waiter ~

And ~

Several have asked about the article from Entertainment Weekly. Here's the web extra that was posted by

Anderson Cooper reveals what's on his Must List: Does it include Gerard Depardieu?
by Tim Stack

Anderson Cooper is a huge pop culture junkie. The CNN anchor and talk show host (his daytime chat series Anderson premieres on Sept. 12 in syndication) loves to talk entertainment, especially if it involves the Real Housewives franchise. Naturally, EW asked Cooper to give us his Must List for right now which, sadly, did not include Gerard Depardieu, the source of his recent giggle fit. Read below for Cooper’s current pop culture obsessions…


Sleep No More — “It’s an interactive play that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s like being in a David Lynch movie set in a 1940’s hotel. The audience moves around freely, in silence, wearing masks. I try to describe it, and end up sounding crazy. I end up saying simply, ‘Go see it.’”

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying — “Yes, it’s my broadway debut, I do a voiceover in the production with Daniel Radcliffe, but it’s a really fun show, and a great night on Broadway.”

Await Your Reply — “It’s a really well written novel about identity theft, which makes it sound dull, but it’s not. It’s so well written, and has wonderful twists and turns.”

Breaking Bad — “I know the season is almost over, but I’m in denial that it’s going to end. This has been one of my favorite shows since it began. The acting is terrific, and I can’t wait for Sunday night to watch it.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — “I took a housewives break this summer, but I am so ready for the ladies of Beverly Hills to come back.”

For more with Anderson Cooper, including a behind the scenes look at his daytime talk show, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now.

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Sleep No More sounds like an episode from the Twilight Zone, lol.