Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anderson: Wallace Jeffs & Former Members of FLDS

Anderson opened the program from backstage and explained that today's program would be looking inside the secretive sect of the FLDS church.

Wallace Jeffs, Carolyn Jessup and Elissa Wall were on stage to disucss their experiences withing the FLDS. Two things that caught my attention: While in the U.S. they follow their own laws because the police force in town in part of the FLDS group, so there's no where to go for help; Wallace Jeffs can re-assign families.

Mike Watkiss, an investigative reporter who has covered the FLDS for 35 years joined the discussion from Phoenix, AZ via satellite. Here's what Mike had so say ~

Anderson was in the audience for questions and the topic of "Bleeding the Beast" was brought up. The FLDS has been accused of child labor, hating the government, welfare abuse, tax evasion and fraud; costing tax payers and the government money.

Next we met Jessica, Thomas, LeRae and Holden; four kids who recently got out of the FLDS sect. The talked about what life was like for them inside the sect and now living outside the sect. Holden was kicked out for being a lost boy (basically he was competition for the older men). Jessica and Thomas took a tour of Times Square, here's their experience and reactions ~

There were a few lighter moments mixed in with the serious; for example when Anderson asked Wallace Jeffs if he could name all 22 of his children (he could only name 18) and how he would find his next five wives because Anderson didn't think there was a category on for polygamists.

Anderson thanked all his guests and said he'd see us next time.

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Broadway Bound Bunny said...

While we've all heard about the FLDS and Warren Jeffs for years, I thought today's show was interesting. I only wish Anderson would have talked more to the young people and found out what they were doing now that they've left the sect. And also I wish he had asked Carolyn Jessop how her other kids were doing - we came to know a lot about them from her being on the show before.

And yes, Mike Watkiss was great as usual.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked today's episode of the talk show. I find this polygamy/FLDS stuff fascinating and it was nice to see Anderson spend a whole hour on it.

Jennifer said...

Anderson's new talk show has been very interesting so far. A lot of great stories to look foward to each and everyday.