Friday, September 30, 2011

Anna Faris: Was My Ex The One?

Anderson opened today's program with Anna Faris, star of the movie "What's Your Number". They discussed the movie and Anna's personal experience with finding "Mr. Right" ~

After the break Anna was back for another segment which included psychotherapist, Heide Banks sharing from the audience ~

Next on the program was Ashley Brinkman who thinks her ex-boyfriend, Jeff Ray might be the one. First Ashley shared their story and her feelings on Jeff since the break-up. Jeff then joined Anderson and Ashley on stage and the two discussed where they are currently. Heide Banks was still in the audience and started out her advice to Ashley and Jeff by saying, "Love is amazing and relationships are so hard. When you come in with a limited point of view, called I want my partner to be different, it's nearly impossible."

In the next segment we met Janet Nodine, who saved a break-up letter for nearly thirty years. Chris, author of the letter, joined Anderson and Janet on stage. We find out that Chris married someone else after leaving Janet the letter in 1982. In 2009 Chris contacted Janet through an e-mail to her business and in August of 2011 they got married. The last part of the show dealt with Heide Banks' three things you need to do before you revisit the past. #1 You've got to forgive 'em and forget about everything that went on in the past; #2 You've got to go slow, really slow, because you are just getting started to know each other again; and #3, the most important thing, we all have memories of what that relationship was like, it's about what's happening right meet the new every day.

There were more questions from the audience before Anderson thanked his guests and ended the program.

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ACAnderFan said...

The only good part of this show was the interview with Anna Faris. Thje rest of it was just dumb. I think the talk show needs work, it appears to be hit and miss.