Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Ask Anderson" - High Fives, Giggles & A Tuesday Tease

In our "Ask Anderson" video series, Anderson answers @exoh_henah's question, "Will you high five everyone in the audience during "Anderson" like other hosts?"

Anderson answers @taylorranta's question, "Can we expect as much giggling on Anderson as much as we've seen on Anderson Cooper 360? I sure hope so."

And from 'Anderson' a tease from next Tuesday's program ~ Anderson and houseguest Kathy Griffin sunbathe ~

“Summer’s Best with Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe” airs Tuesday, September 13.

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Anonymous said...

After watching the two videos I think I know why I don't like Anderson's glasses, they are too wide for his skinny face. He looks a bit like Mr. Magoo in them.

As to the Kathy Griffin pictures I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. If this is the kind of folly we are going to get from his talk show I will not be watching.

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple!
Now if it were only believeable.
Anderson will do anything now for publicity and that is a real turn-off.

Anonymous said...

How can you judge those pictures when you have no idea what they are about. Most likely it is funny, not serious.

Tedi B said...

Oh geez, so Kathy Griffin is a friend and they took cheesy photos together. I think they're funny and it's not like they haven't done it before. He is alloweed to have friends without it being a publicity stunt.

Cut the man some slack... honestly he can't do anything right for most people anymore.

Anonymous said...

@Tedi B - But it is a publicity stunt if he's filming it and putting it on his talk show. When I spend time with friends, I don't have a film/camera crew following us around and making the photos/video public to promote my new talk show....

There is a difference between what you do in private with friends and what you post on your talk show web site. If he's just taking cheesy photos with a friend, why are they posted to the talk show web site and why will they be appearing on TV as part of his talk show?

He does many things right in my eyes, but this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

He had us during his venture in Katrina.
He could do no wrong in Haiti or the Congo.
But this is going to far.
Exploiting what he does in private to call attention to his talkshow which apparently will be like any other talkshow, all talk and no show with the very celebrities he once had nothing to say to.

Anonymous said...

I really didn't look closely at the pix.
I thought he was looking at his blackberry, which is probably more interesting to him than Kathy!

Anonymous said...

It is VERY obvious that these pictures are a publicity stunt. It seems to me they sat down and planned out a funny little skit to record and play on Anderson's talk show Tuesday. It is not meant to be taken serious people. This is not what he does in his private time. He barely, if ever, sees Kathy or any other celebs as far as that goes. Cut the man some slack on that front. He does mainly stay to himself when not working.

But I will agree that this is a lame publicity stunt and makes it seem that AC will now do anything for perceived ratings. This is not at all what he said his new show would be like. It seems this talk show will be just like all of the others, all talk and no substance.

Anderson knows that this show will most likely fail because most talk shows do. In an interview today he said he is very aware that this show may fail but his staff hopes it doesn't. He also said if it fails he still has CNN to go back to unless it fails really badly and CNN gets rid of him also.

Tedi B said...

How is he exploding anything? Those pictures were taken by Jack Grey from 360 at his house labor day weekend. Geez, they are supposed to be FUNNY. They are friends and hang out together a lot.

Here we go again with the "he sold out". That tunes been playing since Katrina. The "oh he's changed" and he's "not a real newsman" are also old songs.

Feel free not to watch. I'm sure the complainers will and complain about it. I'll be waiting for it Monday. Same song different verse.

I'd hate to be him, he can't tie his shoe without getting critized. Fun life for him!

Dorothy said...

Can someone please tell me why people will not use a name and are posting under Anonymous? Most, not all, are sure fast to step up to the plate and voice nasty comments about the Anderson and everything he does, but not quite as brave to step up to the plate and put their name to it. Give me a name and I can at least take the comment seriously. Hide behind Anonymous and not so much.

Anonymous said...

Funny how hysterical some of the comments are over a couple of rather innocent pics! I don't know if I should chalk it up to the fact that a lot of folks don't seem to like Kathy Griffin at all or something else, but all this talk of "publicity stunt gone too far" doesn't make much sense to me. Why is it so awful for Anderson to be hanging out with other celebrities anyway? He's at least as famous as her, if not more. And since Kathy is going to be a guest on his talk show, I don't think it's so inappropriate for him to be showing pics of her at his place in the Hamptons. You people need to lighten up, it's not such a big deal.

Anonymous said...


What's so important about using a name? Unless a poster includes a fingerprint, no one can know who it really is -- calling yourself "Anonymous" is no different from calling yourself "Dorothy".

signed: Toto

Anonymous said...

Speaking of AC wonder what he's gonna do now that Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark have landed Lady GaGa as a guest for New Years Eve? Griffin just isn't going to cut it this year if asked back. Say bye bye rating AC, not that they were ever that spectacular.

As for using Anonymous as a name it is a name.



There's nothing important about people posting anonymously.

What is funny though is the complaints about the comments of anonymous posters when they are complaining about Anderson or a comment that someone feels is directed at them.

Now those same people complaining about about negative comments from anon posters are posting negative anon post instead of using their account name or posting their name.

Kettle pot much...

As far as Anderson and Kathy...get over it already.

They are friends.

Why do people believe that they have the right to have an input on Anderson's friends or personal life? He's it or can't change who he has in his life. He is a grown man. This fan entitlement is completely ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I'm putting my two cents in... I like Anderson and have been looking forward to the talk show -- the talk show he originally described...

I don't have a problem with him doing a "what I did this summer" show -- to introduce new viewers to him maybe?

But that said, I think my negative re-action to the photos is the fact that they are staged. When was the last time Anderson was photographed holding hands with anyone? I've been a fan for years and don't recall one other time, unless maybe with his mom.

If the photos weren't staged for the talk show - why weren't they tweeted at the time they were taken? It was mid-August when Kathy and Jack Gray were tweeting about being in the Hamptons. Why didn't they tweet the photos then, if they were just cheesy photos taken with friends? And in the Anderson newsletter that came out the following Monday, he mentioned filming for the talk show that weekend (so yes, I think it was staged.) I just did some research; it's not hard.

I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson's lighter side and learning more about him, if it's genuine/comes up as part of the natural conversation with guests. Staging things for what he/the talk show staff think viewers want to see/want him to be, not so much. I want to see the real/genuine Anderson. And going spray tanning with Snooki - I don't think that's something Anderson would naturally do -- he mentioned doing it for the talk show and it being "surreal".

These are the stunts, that IMO - will hurt his credibility -- it's not genuine and honest Anderson. It's Anderson compromising his genuine self for ratings and that just makes me sad.

- Jenny

Anonymous said...

>This fan entitlement is completely ridiculous!

your assumption is most ridiculous.

Celebrities are all fair games - for critique or whatever, isn't that the local culture here?

Dorothy said...

@anonymous 8:12 a.m. - to answer your question - it isn't a matter of fingerprints or even having your real name - its just if you have an identifiable name it gives the other person posting an idea of who's opinion they are reading and kind of allows you to know the posting person better. I know we don't know each other, but it does kind of give you a picture of who you are chatting with and more of an option to pass the post or keep reading. Hope that makes sense.