Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday's Late News

An AC360 producer Tweeted that AC360 will broadcast tonight's program from Ground Zero. We realize that things are always in flux, especially with the terror alerts in NYC today and other variables like weather, so there are no guarantees.
Don't forget Anderson will be at Ground Zero with Candy Crowley on Sunday morning, the anniversary of 9/11. Visit our sister blog, All Things CNN, for details. We'll have a roundup of the special programming posted here at ATA on Sunday.

A picture of Anderson out on the streets of NYC posted today on Twitter by Substeven2007.

'Anderson' filmed his premiere talk show today with Amy Winehouse's family. According to an article in the New York Post the talk show donated $30,000 to the family's charity, presumably for the exclusive rights to air their first interview.

A media blogger had a less than ideal experience at today's talk show taping. Here's a portion of what he wrote, follow the link to read his full article.

Michael, our friend Arick and I just spent the last THREE HOURS at the Time Warner Center studio of Anderson Cooper's new talk show -- only we didn't end up seeing a taping of the program. While I understand that they routinely overbook audience members to ensure that they have enough people, we arrived well in advance, but for reasons that have still not been adequately explained to us, we were sent to (what turned out to be) a lounge where "stand-by" audience members hang out, only NO ONE ever bothered to tell us that's where we were. A warm-up guy kept trying (rather unsuccessfully) to entertain the crowd and Amy Winehouse music was blasting -- it was indeed a Very Special Amy episode -- so even though we were waiting there for an inordinate amount of time, TV shows are always about waiting, so it didn't strike us as odd.

It was only when Anderson came out to say hi -- mentioning that it's actually "much cooler" where we were than in the studio -- and that they would be coming out to interview some of Amy's fans periodically that we realized that we weren't in a waiting room preparing to be seated in the studio -- we were just there to "hang out"! When Arick told one of those annoying production assistants (with the ever-present headsets) that we had tickets, she said that they should have sent us to the 6th floor, not the 5th. The whole thing was a complete clusterfuck -- not to mention a waste of time -- and could have avoided if they'd just told us: a) to go to the right floor; or b) that we weren't going to get to see the taping, but we were welcome to hang out in the "Amy room" with other fans. Just don't leave us standing there for HOURS thinking we're about to see a taping -- you know, the REASON we were there in the first place!

There were a few more versions of the Kathy Griffin visit to AC's summer home posted on the talk show site. Even if you're not a fan of Ms. Griffin's you might enjoy peek at Anderson's second home.

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Anonymous said...

Naked pictures, really? UGH, think I just threw up a little in my mouth!!

Words can not express how disgusting doing something like that is. Especially sending them to someone who you aren't even dating nor wants them. Kathy is just revolting! And this staged publicity stunt is the most idiotic thing I've seen Anderson do. He should feel pretty damn ashamed of himself for sinking so low.

Tedi B said...

I think he was kidding... he has a very dry sense of humor!

Tedi B said...

By the way, I thought they were funny. LOL

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't see anything wrong with it.
I don't like her and I think this is just a publicity stunt, but I was really only interested in his home.(cottage)
The American flag flying...this should give some of us pause.
We all wanted to know who AC voted for in 08.
He did have a rather comfortable talk with Senator McCain yesterday.

Anonymous said...

@8:59 - Why? What's wrong with having an American flag?

I thought the clips were funny. I can't wait for the show to start!

aries moon said...

I love it when AC and Kathy Griffin get together--she's very funny and I like seeing them rib each other. Nice cottage he's got out there and as far as the flag goes, we can't say for certain if he put it there or if it was there when he bought the place, but I will say that I've never had the impression that Anderson was a liberal--not that liberals don't ever have flags in their homes--you just tend to see that sort of overt patriotic symbolism coming more from conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I doubt very seriously Anderson was joking about Kathy sending naked pics to him. That woman will do anything for attention. Yesterday window washers were washing her windows at her hotel in NY and she stood up on the couch in nothing but her bra and panties so they could see her. She took a picture and tweeted. I don't put anything past her. She is nasty.

Anonymous said...

The flag pole in Anderson's yard was put there by him. When he first bought the place pictures of it were on the net. Someone even Google Mapped the place and it did not show a flag pole or a place for one to be. He also added the pool because it was not there either.

And so what if he flies a flag or is a conservative. He doesn't allow that to show on his program. I have always thought he was more conservative. Most people with "old" money usually are.

Once upon a time said...

I think Anderson's whole friendship with Kathy is great... he seems to always be smiling and laughing when he is with her. When they were in the pool together, when they were on the sun bathing chairs together he seems happy to be with her. I think the naked picutre line was a either a joke, or not actual naked naked pictures- -maybe in bra and panties or something!

I have never met Anderson personally, but I do know someone who went to Yale with him and back then he was definitely not a republican! I can't see him supporting any of the nut-jobs that are running in the GOP right now!

Claire said...

This whole thing with Kathy Griffin has not only really turned me off of Anderson's new show, but makes me look at him differently as someone I want to spend time watching. I do not like KG, find her beyond vulgar. Also reading some of the topics that are going to be discussed on the upcoming shows are not my cup of tea. Which is fine, to each their own. I just won't be watching, which is disappointing, to me. I was hoping for something along the lines of when Anderson co-hosted with Kelly. I've always enjoyed those shows.

As far as flags and political preferences. I don't see what flying a flag shows about anyone, other than the fact that they love their country. I read a while ago(before the 08 election) that Anderson was a registered Democrat. Of course, that's always subject to change and personally I don't see a lot of political interest from him. It gets covered on 360 because it's news, but it seems his heart lies with other stories he covers in much more depth. He's made it a point in several clips and articles I've read about the new show to mention that politics will not be covered. If they were of interest to him, especially with the '12 election season moving into gear, politics would be a part of the show.

It really bothers me that someone who has guarded their private life as much as Anderson has would use stunts like these done with Kathy Griffin as a peek into his life to promote his show. Just so unappealing to me on many levels.

SM Pratt said...

I haven't commented on here in a dog's year but the assumption that flying a flag was done only by conservatives caught my attention. I'm far from conservative and we fly the flag here at our house. I know things are very polarized in this country right now but I would hope that having pride in one's country and flying the flag to show that is not going to become another partisan symbol.

Did anyone listen to former President Clinton's address at the monument dedication in Pennsylvania today? It was very moving, very inspiring. He emphasized how the people on Flight 93 were not soldiers nor federal agents who are expected to give their lives for the protection of our country and its people but civilians like ourselves who voluntarily gave their lives to protect the country and in doing so probably saved an untold number of lives. He added that in 250 years from now (when the names of those in the White House and in Congress during this century and last have been long forgotten) the names of the passengers on Flight 93 would still be remembered because of their courage, their selflessness, and their brave actions and sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

I understand Claire you might not like some of the topics on Anderson, but i would give it a chance to get going before righting it off as something you will not like. I certainly will be watching for awhile to see how it is. i think a new show like this take atleast a month before it gets it stride.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL: Sarah Palin started the "take my country back" symbolism.
She and Senator McCain are tied to this symbolically since their campaign in 08. That is a fact.
I doubt very much if Anderson voted for President Obama.
He always poses his questions in a conservative manner and those that don't see that have not listened very carefully.
And if you read TV Guide, they DO say that some people have given AC "flak" about his coming talkshow. I have this week's edition.

Cate said...

Some of the people who comment here are so ridiculous with their comments. Judging Anderson and his show before it even airs. I have A LOT of respect for him putting himself out there and opening himself up to every freakin' critic in the world, including people who are so-called "fans" of his. I can't wait to watch, it's going to be FUNNY, that's the point, so stop over analyzing already!!

Anonymous said...

@ Judy: You seriously think Anderson would have voted for Sarah Palin in 2008?? I highly doubt it! I thought he liked Obama in 2008 and had read previously that he was a registered democrat. He certainly doesn't strike me as the type that would have supported the hill-billy Palin and would have wanted some intelligence in the White House! Lately he seems to me to be afaid to be labeled as being "lamestream media" so he seems to be sucking up to the right, but he doesn't strike me as actually believing in their ridiculous agenda. JMO
And I am looking forward to his new talk show...he got the first ever interview with Amy Winehouse's parents as his first show. Later in the week, he will be talking to the housewives of BH about the suicide of Russell Armsrong. May not be "hard journalism" but suicide is a serious subject that has had a huge impact on Anderson's life and the lives of many people. So the show is not all "fluff" as some of you here seem to think.

Claire said...

Cate-I'm not judging Anderson's show for anyone but me. I'm not an Amy Winehouse fan, Harry Potter, Snooki, Kathy Griffin or Housewives of Anywhere fan. I'm sure I'll tune in on occasion when the topic might interest me. That's all I'm saying. I tune out 360 when it covers topics I'm not interested in, so the same applies to his new show. I wish him nothing but success. As I said in my earlier post, from what I've seen so far, it's not my cuppa.

Dayna said...

I agree with Claire I will watch Anderson's new show, but only when he has something on that interests me. I have done the same thing with other talk shows from Oprah to Rosie to Donahue. Not every show will be of interest to every person every day. For me the fact that the promo has been more than I've seen in ages except for when a new Harry Potter book or Movie came out just got to be too much, I felt that they and some people wanted to make you feel you HAD to watch or it would be a tragedy, but come on my viewing habits are mine and mine alone. AND no one is telling you NOT to watch Cate and others.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think he would have voted for McCain and stupid Sarah who came as a package deal.
We know for certain that Jon Stewart voted for Obama and is now disappointed but he'd do it again.
And Bill Maher voted for Obama and is disappointed but he'd do it yes I do believe AC voted for McCain.
He has NEVER given any indication that he is an Obama fan and most people vote their "pocketbooks!"