Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Isha Sesay, Interrogation & A Cat Named Willow

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AC361: Who is Isha Sesay?
Editor's Note: AC 361 takes you behind the scenes of AC360 with our own Isha Sesay, by Ben Finz and Vlad Duthiers ~

Videos: Alternatives to interrogation
Editor's note: In this two part riveting interview, Anderson Cooper talks with former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan, who has recently authored the book The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda

Part 1

Part 2

From 'Anderson' ~

Willow, The Colorado Cat, To Make an Appearance on Anderson ~

And a little background on Willow, from

Colorado Cat Willow Meets Anderson Cooper

She made an incredible journey from Colorado to New York City, and now, Willow the cat has found her way into Anderson Cooper's studio.

The 6-year-old calico kitty spent five years away from her home in Boulder, but she isn't wasting getting her 15 minutes in the spotlight. And if making headlines wasn't enough, Willow made a special appearance at a taping of Cooper's new daytime talk show Thursday.

While there, Willow got to virtually reconnect with her family – Jamie, Jack and Lola Squires – and got to spend some one-on-one time with Cooper, who held the cat in his arms. She made some loud meows and even climbed on the host's shoulders.

There's also been an update on how Willow might have ended up in New York City: Gothamist reports that she was picked up as a stray in Colorado and taken to Brooklyn, where she lived until she was given up to the shelter.

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Anonymous said...

@The ATA Team: Thanks so much for showing Willow, on Anderson.
It was reported in the NYPost, that Willow did not walk, she took a plane.
Perhaps in cargo. No one knows for sure. But unlike dogs, cats are not known to walk miles to find their owner. Depending on the breed, they are more attached to their environment.

aries moon said...

The interview with Ali Soufan was very effective in illustrating the many reasons why torture does not work--if this aired on 360, I must've missed it somehow, but it's one of those excellent reports that would've been a good substitute for a Crime and Punishment segment. Thanks for posting it.

So glad AC has finally discovered some love for cats because they are awesome.