Thursday, September 15, 2011

Late Night Funny Men Have A Little Fun With Anderson

The late night funny men had a little fun at Anderson's expense on Tuesday and Wednesday nights ~

It started off with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night. Craig has an idea for a new name and catch phrase. Geoff Peterson (Craig's Robot Skeleton sidekick) even got in the action ~

Jon Stewart featured Anderson's spray tanning adventure with Snooki and his reaction to his tan line as TDS's Moment of Zen at the end of his Wednesday night program ~

And also on Wednesday night Jay Leno took aim at Anderson filming himself while riding his bike through the streets of New York sans helmet ~

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sydney said...

OMG, I love Craig.

"Coop, there it is" - now I'll never get that out of my head!

SM Pratt said...

Craig was funny. Loved his clip. The best though was Leno's version of AC's bike ride - he had him do what I was afraid would happen when he was on that bike. Hope the comedy hosts will treat us to some more on Anderson and his show.