Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Late Night Odds & Ends

Good Day LA spoke with Anderson Cooper first thing Monday morning:

Anderson also talked with Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning:

AOL You've Got Anderson Cooper video:

Lots of online reviews and mentions from the TV critics:

Baltimore Sun
TV Newser
Washington Post
The Hollywood Reporter
Boston Herald

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judy said...

I strongly suggest the readers of this blog read what the TV critics have to say about "Anderson."
Especially true and good, are both the Washington Post, adorable anderson vs. action anderson, and the LA Times.
Not for what they didn't say, but for what they did and may I also add they were most objective.
Also well done was the TVN review, written by one of the few female critics, giving AC a "solid B with a bullet."
I still prefer "action anderson" but I also like reading about what others in the know "think."

Anonymous said...

Judy those are critics, the viewers determine who lives or dies not them. So maybe Anderson lasts a year or two but something is going to suffer and it will probably be 360, too bad it was getting better.

But I wish they would drop the gigglegate crap - it's over, it's done.

SM Pratt said...

I thought most of the reviews were pretty objective - its all a lets wait and see what happens right now. I'm looking forward to the one with his Mother on the show. I wonder if she will bring any pictures with her of Anderson growing up - that could prove to be rather funny.

judy said...

@8:25: I agree with you.
Something will suffer and it will be 360.
This is unfortunate because AC makes a better newman than he does a show host, but than that's just my opinion.
And if his role model is Phil Donahue, I'm still waiting for the "Caller are you there?"
You know, the folks at home. Those people who decide whether you stay on air....not the audience.